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SansSecret Apsense - Aug 13th 2020 04:19

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Welcome to SansSecret Apsense

Decided I would change this as so much has changed since I joined Apsense and wanted this to reflect that change.

Welcome to my Secret Apsense! Why 'secret'?

Because I started out thinking there was some great secret to unearthing success online. I started out thinking that there had to be a way to make money easily. Other people were doing it. They didn't seem to be any smarter than me. So it could only be because they knew something I didn't.

They knew 'The Secret To Success'.

Well, fast forward almost a year. And I now know 'the secret' too.

But if I'm brutally honest, I have to confess, life was a whole lot simpler when I didn't know it.  Before discovering the truth, I might not have been making any money, but I also wasn't spending my time trying to figure out how to market effectively, how to set up a ppc campaign that made me money instead of spending my money. I didn't spend my time trying to figure out how to put together a website, or a capture page, or how to capitalise on the awesome power of the social networking phenomenon!

Life was so much simpler when I could blindly surf the traffic exchanges hoping someone would click the link on whatever 'get rich quick' programme I was promoting at the time. There was no 'secret' involved in sending out an ad to a few thousand people via the safelists that I had joined. And so I continued merrily on, just waiting for that one break, that one 'secret' that would finally reveal itself to me, if I just kept searching hard enough.

You'll probably be as disappointed as me when I tell you.

There is no secret!

You might want to read that again. But I assure you, your eyes are not deceiving you.

There is no secret! 

Success comes from hard work. Success comes from experiencing failure and learning from it. Success comes from stretching your boundaries, from daring to try, from not being afraid to fail, from a 1001 other sources. But it never comes from an 'instant success guide'.

Now you know the secret, you might want to rethink your strategies, you might want to change your mind and give up the idea of having a successful online business. Or you might decide that actually, success is worth the effort.

If you do, (and I hope you do), then feel free to contact me. Happy to help those who are happy to help themselves.

Invest as much effort into YOU and your business as you have been investing into finding 'the secret' and you won't have to go looking for success. It'll come knocking on your door!

  Building a Reputation is Far More Important Than Building A Downline

To Your Success

 Susan Coils



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Very well crafted abc and looks lovely! Lots of information and it's all there! Great Job, San! Have a grea today! Beth
 - bethsventures October 27th, 2007


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