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Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Spain.
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Hi, I live in Spain and run an angel studio workshop where we paint angels, cherubs and nativity figures for angel lovers and collectors. We sell through our site and wholesale to shops. Do we have an angel for you?

At ApSense I have the Artists and Artisans Place -you are all welcome,if you are a creative person working in arts and crafts or someone who would just like to visit and see our work.

The Artists and Artisans Place

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antaly Advanced  
Hi Jenny, Your Business Center is very very creative and professional done. Congratulations! Best wishes. Antaly
Robin Watson Innovator  
You have a great looking business center - very professional. Good work! Robin
Thea Westra Professional  
What a lovely site. I could spend hours viewing the angels at your website. My favorites are '3 cherubs sitting' and 'angel bookends'. I couldn't resist, and have posted you at my Life Wealth blog dated 10 July. Thank you for creating all of this. You've been wonderfully creative with your website and with your Business Center. I really enjoyed my visit. Namaste, Thea
Larry B. Professional  
Well heck hon, there is no dout that you and anyone who visits here are not gonna love this site.. Very inspirational... Very well done.I could'nt help reading some of your other testimonials... I think we all love how you have built your Center.... LL
Chuck Bartok Professional  
Tisi is what I expected form such a gracious Lady.. Impeccably done site, wonderful graphics. The passion is so obvious. Congratualtions Jenny. I honor your friendship...... I know success wil continue to chase you on your Journey

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