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Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Waikato, New Zealand.

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This is how many hats I wear, Mum, Wife, Family, Entreprenuer, Partner, Encouraging, Niche marketer, Train,Houseplus, Niche marketer, resourceful, Intelligient, & easy to understand.

To know me is to know I love Social Media, I love Business and I thrive in an online environment, teaching others how to increase results. ts a big bright wonderful world out there ready for the taking, hook up with me on twitter, Follow me

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Collette Johnson Professional  
Hi Lisa GREAT looking business center! I would utilize the products and services more though, maybe add some pics of your products from your various businesses? Much Success my Friend Collette
Lisa Lomas Professional  
Apsense, My Network is absolutely amazed at the viral power. I am a big advocate for Home Business and It is really helping me so much here. I am totally amazed by the system, the professionalisim and the top standards against spam and group operations I would recommend this to anyone that loves Social Networking. Kind Regards Lisa Lomas
Kenneth McPherson Advanced  
Energy and enthusiasm along with a flair for recognising the qualities people have make Lisa a great partner in business. Always ready to encourage and pass on useful comments to help your efforts gain the maximum benefit. Thanks for your ongoing support and long may that continue.
James Max Senior  
I was just reviewing your APSense standing in Google and other Major Searches, and just wanted to commend you on a job well done. YOU ARE TRULY AN INNOVATOR and More! Keep Up The Good Work The Goodnews team
Abad Perez Senior  
Your page certainly has a lot of valuable information to offer. I really enjoyed the way you organized everything.

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