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Joined APSense since, May 26th, 2007, From Decatur, United States.
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Publish Jaz Live Cash Culture; open networker on LinkedIn site via established group JazLive Network. My favorite networking community is AdlandPro, where I have established acquaintance with several thousand communitiy members; and am one of AdlandPro's 2009 People of the Year.

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Sidegiggs online Advanced  
hello friend. just stopped by to see what you are up to. i see you are a social net junkie. lol. what other social networks do you belong too? this is the place where i will come when i want to get the skinny on social nets. talk to you soon.
Ruben A. Advanced  
Finally I found how put in a testimonial. First I'd like to acknowledge and thank Jaz4U (Jan)for being ever so nice to people like us. She is a Goddess online and on the internet that will not stop or hesitate to keep on helping you. She helped me at TrafficEra and was grooming me to be a team leader. I didn't have time to handle a team and was just simply happy to be part of her team. There was one time when I had to leave the team because my son created a team and needed my help. My son's team didn't last long so I had to go solo again. When Jaz4U and her son mc10q saw me alone again they were quick to re-invite me to their team. Since that time, i never again entertained any invitation from "power" team there. When you have Jaz4U as a friend, you really got a very good friend! Cheers Jaz and the Jaz Jets team!

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