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I live with Greg in Perth, West Australia and I publish lots of positive, upbeat content, online.

I am Dutch (now an Australian citizen) and was born the Caribbean island of Curaçao, and spent my childhood in Holland. I came to Australia at age 8 and returned for two years aged around 16, plus again for a holiday during 2006. I still speak, write and read Dutch. I've also traveled to other places overseas and lived in a few different locations in Australia, as well as touring around.

In a nutshell, I've seen a lot of other parts of the world and done some really cool things including scuba diving, yachting, advanced driving, climbing, paragliding, camping, target shooting, archery, dirt bike riding, ice skating, horse riding, skiing.

The hub of my online publication is Forward Steps at Much of my newest material, and content that takes hours of my time, is now shared at the Member site and at lots of mini sites that I enjoy creating.

You can do a Google search for "Thea Westra Forward Steps" and you'll find many of my various sites and creations.

I have also written a book titled Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones and it's is available as a download version or as a paperback copy. It is even available at iTunes, go check it out!

Time For My Life was a part of the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author contest. That was a very special and unique competition, where 271 out of 2800 authors advanced through to Round 2. Time For My life was one of those 271 books that were selected to advance.

I have not created my sites and many online gifts so that I can become popular or be anyone's "guru". I am an individual, living a human experience, like everyone else. Each of us has a responsibility to follow our heart and to be the best person we can be. No leader, group or teacher has THE answers for everyone else.

It is important to recognize that I can only share my version of wisdom and what works well for me.

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Coach Steve Toth Advanced  
Hi Thea; Very nice and quality ABC. Very congruent with who you are! Even though we are in the same profession I still gave you a 10. To Your Success, Coach Steve
Nina Cleveland Advanced  
Hi Thea, I just wanted to say that you have awesome site. Alot of useful information! Very impressive! To your success , Warm Regards, Nina
Lisa Lomas Professional  
Hello Thea, I wanted you to know your ABC is very beautiful, I see quite a few ABC's and this has so much appeal for anyone new & old I believe you offer some great content and value. I have also listened to much of your recordings, get your newsletter & find them insightful and helpful regularly, want you to know how much I appreciate this!
Pam Brossman Advanced  
Hi Thea Love your site congratulations in getting a 7+ ranking. I hope the business is doing well and life is treating you with abundance and prosperity. Chat soon Megamum
Mark Johnson Senior  
Thea, Great job on your ABC...good job on the audio tour also. Your business center is very easy on the eyes and the audio doesn't scream at you. I'll leave my link with you. Mark

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