Why is Diesel Generator Set Fuel Consumption too High

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Diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Power will work with you today to analyze and analyze the causes of too fast fuel consumption of diesel generator sets. The details are as follows:


1. When it is found that excessive oil consumption is found, first check whether there is oil leakage at the connections between the body and the gear chamber cover, the large plate on the side of the traveling wheel, the rear cover, and the cover. In case of oil leakage, pay attention to observe whether the gaskets at each connection part are intact, and replace the damaged gaskets. If the gasket is intact, check whether the connecting screws of each part are loose.For loose bolts, use a wrench to reach the specified torque. If the above parts are basically normal and the oil leakage is in the frame position, the oil casing should be inspected. The main inspection part is the front end of the oil casing side on the same side of the traveling wheel. It is mostly caused by the loosening of the screw of the frame and the triangle belt of the traveling wheel is pulled down and protected. The frame angle iron of the oil shell produces long-term friction, which grinds the oil shell through to form a gap and cause oil leakage.


2. Normal wear caused by long-term use of the engine, or abnormal wear caused by improper maintenance, will cause the cylinder liner of the diesel engine to form longitudinal draw marks, and the cylinder diameter and piston side clearance will exceed the specified value, which will reduce the supporting force of the piston ring. Small, the phenomenon of oil scraping appears.Or because the internal support twisting spring in the oil ring disconnects the opening position of the oil ring, the oil scraping is not clean and participates in the combustion, causing severe oil consumption symptoms, manifested as the diesel engine is difficult to start, and the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke. The respirator is spraying badly. In addition, the piston should be on the upward side, and the combustion chamber is turned upside down during assembly. Although it will not affect the start of the diesel engine, the oil loss will be quite serious, with a daily fuel consumption of about 0.5 kg.

Why is Diesel Generator Set Fuel Consumption too High


Each Yuchai generator set includes but not limited to the following auxiliary equipment:


(1). Residual pressure exhaust muffler, whose specifications do not cause excessive back pressure, and when exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe with a 90° turning corrugated telescopic connection, the noise is reduced to an acceptable level. The exhaust pipe of the unit and the muffler connected to it are designed to discharge to the outdoors, and to avoid the danger of the hot pipeline to the personnel and the entry of rainwater, and there is a stable support and hanger.


(2).The exhaust gas passes through the casing wall of the casing and the required connecting parts.


2. Each Yuchai generator set provides the following auxiliary equipment:


(1). A current transformer is installed on the neutral point side of each winding (as required).


(2). The bidder shall install current transformers and voltage transformers in accordance with the requirements of the control and protection system.


(3). Provide sound and light warning device.


(4). Provide the power cable and control cable inside the diesel generator system, the cable is in accordance with the NH-YJV-1 type, and the length is sufficient.


The above is the article that Dingbo Power shared with you about the analysis of the reasons for the fast fuel consumption of diesel generators. If you are interested in diesel generators, welcome to consult by email We will definitely serve you wholeheartedly. Dingbo Power has a complete range of brands (Cummins generators, Yuchai generators, Weichai generators, Weifang generators, etc.), with a wide range of power coverage, and worry-free after-sales.

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