Why high pressure oil pipe of 100kw diesel generator leaks oil

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

When we use 100kw diesel generator or other power diesel genset, maybe there is oil leakage problem in high pressure oil pipe. Do you know the reason and solutions? If not, recommend you to read this article.

Oil leakage occurs when the joint of oil pipe cracks or breaks. Generally, the high pressure oil pipes of I and VI cylinders of diesel engines are easier to break than those of other cylinders. In addition to the quality of the tubing itself, the main reason is that when repairing and disassembling the fuel injection pump, the high-pressure tubing clamp is not fixed or installed in an inappropriate position.


he leakage of oil in the connection of high-pressure oil pipe may be caused by the improper sealing of the connection cone of high-pressure oil pipe, injector and injection pump. Through inspection, after eliminating the causes of oil leakage of injection pump and injector, check whether the cold upsetting cone surface of high-pressure tubing product meets the requirements of drawing and whether the bending dimension has errors. Because of the vibration of the high-pressure oil pipe and the installation stress caused by the bending error of the high-pressure oil pipe, it is possible to aggravate the improper sealing of the sealing cone.


In order to ensure the accuracy of the shape and size of the sealing cone, it is suggested that after the cold upsetting of the head of the high pressure tubing connection, before the tubing bends, a fine grinding process should be added to ensure the accuracy of the size and shape of the cone. Generally, each high pressure tubing must be grinded 0.02-0.05 mm to form a complete cone. Others need grinding more than 1.0 mm. It is also necessary to store the protective sleeve on the back cover of cold heading forming, which can completely solve the problem of parts bruising.


Repair Method for Diesel Generator


When no new pipe is replaced, a plastic pipe 1-2 cm long and 5 mm in diameter should be padded at the joint of the conical surface and the conical hole of the high-pressure oil pipe, or a copper washer with a slightly larger inner diameter than the inner diameter of the oil pipe and a suitable outer diameter should be padded at the joint of the conical surface and the conical hole of the high-pressure oil pipe. The fracture of high-pressure oil pipe of diesel generators mostly occurs at one end of connection with fuel injection pump, and the crack occurs at the excessive arc where the ball end of the pipe is connected with the outer diameter of the oil pipe. The first reason is that the torque does not meet the requirements (the high-pressure tubing nut torque should be controlled at 40-6ON/m), the excessive torque easily damages the threads, and makes the tubing deformed; too small, the sealing cone is easy to leak. When the nut is screwed to a certain pre-tightening force, if there is diesel oil leakage at the tubing joint, the tubing should be unloaded to check whether the cone contacted by the ball head with the oil pump or injector has dirt. If so, tighten the cone according to the specified torque after removal. Second, the installation position is incorrect, the installation position of the two ends of the high-pressure tubing with the injector body and the tight seat of the oil outlet valve is incorrect, which causes the distortion of the high-pressure tubing. At this time, if the nuts at both ends of the tubing are tightened forcibly, the tubing will be damaged and the oil will leak.

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