Fault analysis of 100KW 125KVA Diesel Generator Set

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

After long-term operation, diesel generator set maybe have various faults. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit, diesel generator set should be treated in time. How to troubleshoot the generator set? Today Starlight Power mainly talk about fault analysis of 100KW diesel generator set. Hope it is helpful to you.

1.Failure of fuse burnout

a.The stator and rotor windings are in open circuit (one phase is broken) or one phase of power supply is power outage.

b.Wrong connection at the beginning and end of winding outgoing line or reversed connection inside winding.

c.The connection of power circuit is loose and the contact resistance is large.

d.Generator load is over or rotor is stuck.

e.The power is too low in voltage

f.Bearing is stuck

Fault reason of diesel generator

a.Find out the broken point to repair.

b.Check the polarity of winding, judge whether the end of winding is correct.

c.Tighten the loose connection screws, use the multimeter to judge whether the joints are connected falsely, and repair them; if the voltage drop is too large due to the thin power supply wire, should correct them.

d.Reassemble to make it flexible; replace qualified grease.

2.Failure of bearing overheating

a.Too much or too little grease.

b.Bearing and journal or end cover are too loose or too tight.

c.The end cover or bearing cover of the generator set is not installed flat.

d.The coupling between generator set and load is not calibrated or the belt is too tight.

Solution of bearing overheating

a.Add lubricating grease as required (1 / 3-2 / 3 of volume).

b.Replace clean lubricating grease.

c.If it is too loose, it can be repaired with adhesive. If it is too tight, it should be turned. The inner hole of journal or end cover should be grinded to make it suitable.

d.Recalibration and adjust belt tension.

e.Re-calibrate alternator bearing or replace rotor,

3.Abnormal sound during operation

Failure reason

a.Friction between rotor and stator insulating paper or slot wedge.

b.Bearing wear or sand particles and other foreign matters in the oil.

c.Loose stator and rotor core.

d.Wrong connection or short circuit of stator winding.

Solution of abnormal sound

a.Trim insulation and lower wedge.

b.Replace or clean the bearing

c.Maintenance of stator and rotor core

d.Remove scratches, if necessary, small rotor in the vehicle

e.Eliminating stator winding faults

Above information will tell us how to deal with fault of fuse burnout, bearing overheating and abnormal sound in 100KW diesel generators. This is only for reference, when your generator has above faults, if you are not a engineer, please contact a professional person to deal with it.

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