The requirements for emergency fire protection in diesel generator room

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

When the normal lighting power supply fails, the emergency lighting part is designed to ensure the normal activities to continue.Therefore, diesel generator room must be equipped with fire emergency lights.

1.Fire emergency lamp installation location in diesel generator room

A.Closed staircase, smoke-proof staircase and its front room, fire elevator and its front room;

B.Distribution room, fire control room, automatic generator room, fire pump room, smoke control and smoke exhaust control room, battery room for fire protection, telephone switchboard room and the room which for fire extinguishing still need to stay in fire environment when fire breaks out.


2.The standard of fire emergency light installation

A.In modern engineering design, it is better to supply power when the fire emergency lamp is stopped by special feeding circuit layer by layer. The purpose of this is to facilitate the usual maintenance and management;

B.In order to ensure the reliability of fire emergency lights power supply, Starlight generator manufacturer is conditionally supplied by the low-voltage emergency bus of substation. That is to say, when diesel generator is used as emergency power supply, only the generator needs to be put into use, it will have electricity to continue to ensure power supply;

C.Fire emergency lights advocate low-level devices, that is to say, installed near the air or at altitude in the air. Because there is less smoke and oxygen near the air in a fire situation, people usually bend down or crawl to escape. The two-part height illumination is more effective than the average illumination of the high-level device;

D.Fire emergency lights should stop performance to check regularly, check its circuit conversion and battery emergency function every half month or after a continuous switch experiment, and stop discharging, so as to prolong the service life of battery;

E.Fire emergency lights need to do well for fire protection maintenance of distribution lines. When laying in concealment, it is laid in non-extinguishing structure, the thickness of maintenance layer is not less than 30mm; when laying in open, it is necessary to wear metal pipes and brush fire-proof paint or other fire-proof measures on steel pipes; fire-proof cables or fire-proof cables and wires are used in the lines.

Besides, there are some requirements of fire protection in diesel generator room.

Provisions for the allocation of fire fighting facilities:

1.There are fire hydrants, fire belts and water hydrants outside the generator room;

2.The generator room is equipped with exhausted fire extinguishers, dry powder and gas fire extinguishers;

3.Striking safety icons and text prohibiting fireworks;

4.Equipped with dry sand pools inside the generator room;

5.Design isolation measures between the generator room and the oil depot;

6.Diesel generator is at least one meter away from buildings and other equipment and maintain good ventilation;

7.Emergency lighting, emergency instructions, basement with independent ventilation, fire alarm device.

Regulations on the location of diesel generator room

Diesel generator can be arranged on the first or underground floor of high-rise buildings, skirt houses, and should comply with the following requirements:

1.Diesel generator room is separated from other parts by partition walls with fire resistance limit not less than 2 hours and floor slabs with 1.5 hours;

2.The total storage capacity of oil storage room should not exceed the requirement of 8 hours. The oil storage room should be separated by a firewall and a generator. When the door must be opened on the firewall, a class A fire door should be installed which can be closed by itself.ake leak-proof and leak-proof measures. The tank should have the gas pipe through outdoor;

3.Separation of fire prevention zones by separate fire prevention zones.

All above is the requirements of emergency light with fire control and fire protection in diesel generator set room. It is very important to do well fire protection when using diesel generator. So we should pay attention to the fire protection. 

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