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Partha Banerjee says that Cancer is caused when a cell is somehow modified or it starts multiplying uncontrollably. Then a tumour is formed which is a mass made out of a group of such abnormal cells. Malignant, or cancerous, tumours swarm out healthy cells, interfere with normal body functions, and draw the important supplements from body tissues. The major types of malignant growth are carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and leukaemia. Carcinomas are the most usually analyzed malignant growths – it begins in the skin, lungs, breasts, pancreas, and various other organs.

Partha Banerjee Mumbai suggests that early diagnosis of cancer can make the disease curable. He suggests that the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is among Asia's exclusive cancer centres that offer the unique advantage of the advanced technology for the treatment of cancer. Institute has a dedicated Leukemia ward and has an independent Bone Marrow Transplant unit, MUD transplants, and stem cell transplants. Its highly qualified and experienced doctors are the trademark of the institution.

The type of treatment that the patient receives depends upon the kind of cancer patient has and on what stage it is. According to Partha Banerjee Mumbai there are numerous kinds of cancer treatments.

1.       Surgery: Surgery is opted as a treatment option for solid tumours that are contained in one area. The Surgeon removes the cancerous tumour via surgery from the body. It is a local treatment, which means it treats only the body part affected by cancer. It cannot be used for cancers that spread.

2.       Radiation Therapy: At high dosages, radiation treatment kills malignant growth cells or slows their development by harming their DNA. Malignant growth cells whose DNA is harmed are destroyed beyond repair and stop spreading or die. When the harmed cells die, they are broken down and evacuated by the body.

3.       Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy works by halting or slowing the development of malignancy cells, which develop and divide rapidly. It makes the tumour smaller before using radiation therapy or surgery. 

4.       Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is a sort of disease treatment that enables the immune system to battle cancer. Immunotherapy is a type of natural treatment. Natural treatment is a kind of treatment that utilizes substances produced using living organisms to treat cancer.

5.       Hormone therapy: Hormone treatment moderates or stops the development of the disease that utilizes hormones to develop. Hormone treatment might be used to lessen or counteract side effects in men with prostate cancer who cannot have surgery or radiation treatment.

6.       Stem cell transplant: Stem cell transplants are techniques that reestablish blood-forming cells in individuals who have had their cells destroyed by the extremely high dosages of chemotherapy or radiation treatment to treat cancer.

7.       Precision Medicine: Precision medicine is a way to deal with patient care that enables specialists to choose medications that help patients dependent on a genetic understanding of their illness. In some patients' tumours occur due to the genetic changes that lead to the growth and spread of cancer. 

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