Know How To Overcome Postpartum Body Image Issues With Mindpower Session

by Mama Zen Mamazen
It is really a shame, but not a surprise, that so many women are plagued by negative body image around pregnancy. A strong predictor of negative body image during and after pregnancy is negative body image before pregnancy.

Body image is something so many people struggle with every day, women in particular. Volumes have been written about the ways in which our cultural standards of attractiveness, media and social media, and social factors conspire to make us feel unattractive, unworthy, and dissatisfied with our bodies.

Then when you are pregnant, you and everyone around you is hyper-focused on your body. Are you gaining the “right” amount of weight? Eating the right things? Moving in the right direction? Strangers are commenting on your size and shape, and probably touching you too.

Some women love this time and revel in the changes their bodies undergo. Other women feel completely alienated from and even disgusted by their bodies. Probably many women feel different and conflicting emotions at different times. No matter what your experience has been, it is normal. The whole gamut of experiences is normal and valid.

If you feel sad, disappointed, confused, or discouraged about the ways your body has changed because of pregnancy, it is OK. Your body is different, your relationship to it is different. There is no right or wrong here.

If you do feel distressed by persistent feelings of negative body image and self-worth after pregnancy, it needs to be addressed. Poor body image correlates with symptoms of postpartum depression (it’s not clear that one necessarily causes the other, but some data suggest that poor body image predicts later depression). This can interfere with your relationships with others, including your partner and, very importantly, your baby.

Sometimes when we talk about this, the first reaction is, “Great, I already feel good about myself, and now I feel worse because my feelings are going to mess up everything.” That’s not it. Most of all, you simply deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to have peace with your body. You don’t need to waste your precious mental energy on tearing yourself down. For many women, their postpartum body image issues are extensions of lifelong feelings of insecurity.

Most people who want to change how they feel about their bodies take the approach of trying to change their bodies. This rarely works. Postpartum bodies often don’t respond how we want, and anyway many of us have constructed ideal body images in our minds that aren’t realistic.

If you want to change how you feel about your body, you should be working on how you feel about your body. Whether that means simply flipping the script in your head to the positive or seeking out professional assistance to overcome your frustrations with the fact that you weren’t able to have a vaginal delivery, you and your body are worth it.

When we believe our body is an amazing vessel that allows us to have superb human experiences, self-confidence follows, along with major changes to our Postpartum Body Image. Effective mindpower session helps you see your body in a whole new light. So, forget Postpartum Body Image and feel good about yourself!

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