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by Mama Zen Mamazen
When you dig deep into the real reasons you are not enjoying motherhood, you will find that it is not just about the kids, a hectic life, or a fussy stage. Many of the reasons are rooted in your own habits, beliefs, and thoughts about motherhood.

In short, learning how to cope with motherhood begins with your mindset. For example, if you believe that motherhood is difficult, then that belief is already playing itself out in the very actions you do. Find out the real reasons you are not enjoying motherhood and, more important, how to enjoy parenting and turn things around.

If you are a mother, you have probably experienced at least one day when you wondered if you were cut out for the job of parenting. Mothering is hard work. Even on our best days parenting our kids, there are difficult moments. Many days, it is the occasional joyful moment that makes it all worthwhile. Other times, it may not feel like the good justifies the bad.

What if your true feeling is that, while you love your child/children, motherhood itself is not what you thought it would be and you just don’t enjoy it much? For some mothers, these feelings arise out of depression, and once the depression lifts, joy enters into the parenting experience and all regrets about becoming a mom dissipate.

But for others, even after recovery from depression, and despite loving their child and enjoying many moments with them, the bottom line is that motherhood is not a job they enjoy overall or would choose again. If it were any other job, it would be acceptable to acknowledge that it is difficult and maybe you are not completely suited to it, but when you are talking about motherhood, admitting you don’t love it is a big taboo.

On average, happiness decreased more in the two years following becoming a parent than following a job loss, divorce, or even the death of a spouse. Clearly, not every mom is happy with her new life, and yet those feelings are typically buried, not talked about, and the women who feel that way often experience shame and guilt.

So few mothers admit to having these feelings, but that doesn’t make them go away. Parenting is hard, and of course it makes sense that not everyone is equally suited to it temperamentally. But the stigma of admitting that one doesn’t really enjoy being a parent is enormous, and the necessity of hiding those feelings can be a huge burden—which in itself is a contributor to depression or anxiety.

There are those who would point out that enabling woman to acknowledge their negative feelings about motherhood may adversely impact our children. How can our children feel loved and wanted if they knew the way mom really feels about her job?

Want to transform your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions to more positive, loving, and empowering ones? Choose Mamazen App and become the mother you always wanted to be. Cherish your motherhood experience on a whole new level with an amazing Mamazen App.

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