Body Changes Are Normal, Forget Postpartum Body Image Issues

by Mama Zen Mamazen
Throughout pregnancy the woman’s body undergoes a number of changes and they are certainly not very attractive. Stretch marks, hanging loose tummies and extra calories are visible on the “once” petite, well-shaped frame.  During pregnancy we are excited because there is a new life growing inside.  But what happens after birthing the child?

The day the child is born, you will have to accept unfamiliar body changes.  Your body is no more what it was.  The reality is unfamiliar and foreign.  Stretch marks, hair loss, poor pelvic floor muscles, milk-laden breasts, diastasis recti, and a fat-full body shape.  The disturbing body image is triggered by pregnancy and unavoidable postpartum body alterations.  The unshapely body promotes postpartum body image issues.

Postpartum period is difficult because you are short on sleep.  The energy levels fall, hormones are turbulent and the appetite is unpredictable.  You need to add weight management to your daily routine so that the awkwardness in mind and body is dealt with appropriately.

Self-care after pregnancy is extremely difficult because you hardly have any time for yourself.  Society normally sets an unrealistic bar for “recently turned “moms and expects them to be smart, polished and ready for the new “mummy” status.  The mother is expected to balance everything and also look attractive and the same time.

Shouldn’t the happiness of having a child outweigh the postpartum body image issues?  Sadly, they don’t!  The innumerable expectations and unrealistic challenges thrown at the woman take a toll on the mother’s psyche.  What happens if she gets caught in this turmoil? We know accepting the postpartum body is difficult and listening to people talk about it is much worse.

How can you deal with it?

  1. Improve your mood and way of thinking.  You need to understand how internal and external forces act on your mind and attitude.  Your personal self esteem and method of handling criticism influences what you think about your appearance.  You have plenty of time to thin down, enjoy those moments with your newborn.  This time will never come back again!
  2. Being a little heavy is not bad: your attitude, way of thinking and approach towards your body will influence what others think about you.  You have just ended up a little curvier than before.  Your larger breasts and bumpy stomach make you look around and beautiful.  Pay a little attention to the glow on your face, you are radiant, remember that!
  3. You are a new mother who is facing an immense challenge of looking after a new baby.  Don’t bother about the few extra kilograms you have put on, applaud yourself on taking on the new “mommy” role.  The moment you can start disciplining your way of eating and add a few weight losing stretches to your routine, you will shape up.
  4. Your body has changed but so has your life.  Share moments of happiness with your baby.  You are just on a vacation and will soon stand back to the challenge of losing weight.  Till then let healthy food habits and light exercise be yourself care routine. 

Self-acceptance will help you progress in your way of thinking.  Get ready to embrace a healthy body and mind with meditation and some stretching exercises.

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