Know How to Overcome Self Doubt in Motherhood

by Mama Zen Mamazen
Did I simply do that right? Am I ruining my children? Will I ever be able to find the right man? These are just a few of the dozens of questions moms roll around in their heads every day. The constant battle of self-doubt and whether or not we can figure it all out, make the right choices, and not ruin our kids in the meantime, is not a battle exclusive to the single mom. All moms struggle with self-doubt at one time or another.

And that struggle can result in real insecurities and doubts about whether we are doing this whole thing right. Winning the battle of self-doubt is rooted in understanding who you are. Once we understand what our identity is, the true essence of who we are as women not simply as moms, that’s when the power is unleashed to overcome self-doubt, insecurity, fear, worry, and any number of other emotional challenges thrown our way.

With the birth of a child, self-doubt is also born in the mother. How often this self-doubt raises its ugly head is a very personal variable, but all parents are struck by it at various stages. For some it starts before the baby is born, when an adult who had a traumatic childhood wonders if he can be a good parent. For others, confidence in parenting wavers as a child grows is she putting on enough weight? Am I instilling healthy eating habits? — and milestones loom in the distance.

With regards to parenting, self-doubt is a nagging feeling that you have not done enough, have been too harsh or lenient, or not responsible enough in caring for your child. It is often accompanied by fear that your actions will impact your child negatively. It is perfectly natural, but for some, feeling like a bad mother can become crippling and actually thwart your parenting capability – ushering in a never-ending cycle of doubt.

In today’s world, for many parents, confident parenting is undermined through social media. A social media newsfeed filled with pictures of other children winning medals, bringing home gold cards, playing instruments, eating healthy meals, kissing parents and siblings and more to perfection is the perfect recipe for self-doubt for a parent. Know how to mitigate the negative effects of social media.

It might be a smart thought to assess where your self-doubt is emanating from. If you have unresolved issues from your childhood or past trauma with your own parents, it would be a good idea to re-examine those concerns. It is only than that you will be able to trust your own instincts and gain confidence in parenting. A big part of self-doubt comes from absolute desire to do everything we can for our children and ensure that they always have the very best.

If you are thinking about How to Overcome Self Doubt, then there are a lot of apps that can help you. One of which is MamaZen app which helps you see this new reality and encourages you to believe in yourself and in the great mom that you are with a series of powerful mindpower sessions.

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