Know How to Recognize Your Anger & Stop Being an Angry Mom

by Mama Zen Mamazen
You are not an angry woman—so it's no wonder you hardly recognize yourself each time you explode at your kids. It doesn't need to be like this. Mom’s get angry, but it doesn’t make them happy. It doesn’t feel good to carry around frustration, angry thoughts and stress. It doesn’t feel good to be an angry mom. Before having kids you were a happy and peaceful woman, and now as a mom you feel constantly frustrated and angry? It’s like something gradually changed inside of you and now you can’t control yourself.

Loneliness isn’t typically associated with motherhood. The shared joys and trials of motherhood build friendships almost as fast as you can say. But that doesn’t mean mothers never feel alone. Some of the loneliest moms of all are the moms who struggle with their temper.

Among our closest friends, we might reveal struggles with controlling our weight or our spending, but to admit that we have trouble controlling our anger seems just too awful, too shameful to share. Angry moms expect the sting of stigma, not sympathy – even from other moms.

And so we struggle on alone, wondering why we are so different from other women. Why is our anger so fierce, so quickly ignited, so difficult to shake off? All we know to do is to try harder. Next time, we think, I will show more self-control. Furthermore, we pray that next time works out better than last time, and the time before that.

But are you gaining any ground? It rarely helps to "try hard" to stop being angry. Rather, you have to take a good look at your anger, closely examining feelings you would much rather deny and hide from. To make real progress, you need more than self-control.

If we begin blaming ourselves for their “bad behavior,” or start to feel embarrassed if we’re out in public, then our emotions will escalate. Also, if we start thinking that our child won’t ever learn to behave, and that their  future is being ruined by what they are doing, or any other thoughts like that, then again our emotions are going to escalate. We will begin to feel so desperate for the behavior to just stop that we end up getting angry and trying by all means necessary to stop their behavior.

And it’s not going to feel very good after, in fact it’s going to make us feel horrible. It is not just their behavior alone that is annoying us, but it is our fear of their future that can really trigger our anger. The truth is, the relationship between a parent and child is so different from any other relationship, and parents and child have a special way of getting on each other’s nerves.

How to Stop being an Angry Mom? Recognize your feelings of anger and become more mindful of the various triggers that can ignite hot emotions with a thoughtful and compassionate series of mindpower sessions.

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