How your smartphone affects your sleep

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Do you ever struggle to fall asleep? If yes, your Smartphone could be to blame!

In this digital age, smartphones have become a main part of our lives. From finding a new location and calculating budget to watching movies and shopping online, this modern technology is great for everything. But, it is not great for health, especially for sleep.

When you use your smartphone just before going to bed, it can impact your ability to fall asleep and lead to insomnia. Therefore, whether you are searching for any information, replying to that urgent email or using your smartphone as an alarm clock, this is likely disrupting your sleep. One of the reasons is blue light emitted by smartphones.

But how does blue light affect your sleep-wake cycle?

Blue light emitted from your smartphone can intensely perforate photoreceptors in the retinas. Also, when you are exposed to blue light, it signals your brains into thinking that it is daytime, even when it’s night. Although blue light doesn’t help anyone fall asleep faster at night, there are many activities that you do on your smartphone that can disrupt your bedtime. For instance, if you are playing a mobile game or interacting on social media, it can cause stimulation and disrupt rest and sleep as it keeps your mind engaged and tricks your brain into thinking that it needs to stay awake. After a while, it worsens and makes your life more problematic, therefore you need to limit your smartphone’s blue light effects as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at the best ways of reducing the effects of blue light that comes from smartphones.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses

Wearing blue light blockers for sleep is one of the best ways to limit your exposure to smartphone’s blue light. When you wear them at least three hours before bed, you can protect your eyes from high energy, short-wavelength rays that affect your sleep-wake cycle. In addition, they can increase your melatonin levels, resulting in improved sleep, health and productivity. And you can wear them throughout the day to get relief from digital eye strain.

Using night shift feature

Most modern smartphones have a ‘night shift’ feature. From cool blue to warm yellow light, you can adjust your phone’s screen with the aid of this feature. Yellow light will help keep you fall asleep at night.

Stop using your phone at least one hour before bedtime

As long as you keep scrolling, the more likely you will find trouble sleeping. So, make sure you stop using your smartphone at least 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. This will help you improve your sleep duration, quality and even balance your sleep-wake cycle.

As blue light emitted from a smartphone may be hurting your sleep, you need to limit your exposure to it. With the above-mentioned ways, you can get better sleep at nighttime. Wearing blue light glasses is one of the most popular ways to limit your exposure to blue light. So, what are you waiting for? Just purchase a pair of blue blockers and get a restful sleep.


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