How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Overall Health

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment
It is not practical that you would go for a marathon without proper gear. However, many of us overlook the importance of a mattress when it comes to our sleeping habits and health. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, about 90% of people believe that having a comfortable mattress is essential for a goodnight's sleep.

Most of us may feel the urge to blame a limited budget for our woes but considering the effect of a better sleep on your overall health then you realize that you can't really place a price tag for improved memory, loss of weight and long life. If you have been wondering how mattress can help to reduce stress here are five different ways your mattress can disrupt your sleep.

Purchasing a New Mattress can Help with Stress Management
A new mattress can significantly help lower your stress levels and the good news is you can buy mattress online in Dubai. This is according to a study that evaluated the results of over 50 healthy women and men. According to the study, both men and women were allowed to sleep on their old mattresses for about four weeks. The same group was then allowed to spend another four weeks on a new mattress. Their stress levels were then assessed by considering factors such as nervousness, headaches, worrying, irritability, racing thoughts, and trembling among others. The new medium-firm caused a significant decline in stress levels. The results can be attributed to an increase in sleep quality as well as a decrease in pain due to the new mattress with a firm setup. if you are not convinced about how mattress can help to reduce stress then it is time to stop worrying about the budget and go out shopping.

Mattresses and Allergies
Your mattress may be home to hundreds of dust mites. You might be unaware because these creatures are microscopic and cannot be seen with a naked eye. The dust mites feed on your dead skin which you shed naturally. They may be found inside and, on your bed, and may result in allergic reactions. The best way to avoid such allergies is by regularly washing your bedding in hot water. You can also clean your mattress using a vacuum cleaner which may help get rid of the dust mites.

Comfort is the most important Quality of a Good Mattress
The term medium-firm may be considered subjective because there is no specific definition of a soft or firm mattress. All of the above qualities depend on many factors including the weight of a person as well as personal preference. For instance, a person who weighs 250 pounds may find the mattress to be softer while a person with less weight may find it firm. You may also find other terms such as ultra-plush more appealing but the truth is you can't find out unless you sleep on the mattress horizontally. This means that holding other factors constant, comfortability may be the only constant quality that separates a good mattress from a bad one. 

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