How Light Affects Your Sleep

by Naveen S. Digital Marketing Expert

If you are hopping in between different mattress stores across the city, it is time to take a break and ask the owner if they can help you out at all. Not only would they be willing to help you out with a suitable mattress but will also be able to educate you with sleep troubles you might be facing. We already know how a good night's sleep is important to us and our well-being in general. It is as essential as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

According to some independent researches poor sleep is believed to have immediate negative effects on your hormones. Not just this but it also affects exercise performance and our brain function. Do you know that it can also cause abnormal and quick weight gain and increase disease risk for both adults and children? When you get good sleep, it will help you eat less, exercise much better and be healthier overall.

Following are some of the ways you can sleep better and longer:

Don’t Shy Away From Light

You need to increase your bright light exposure during day. If you want to rectify your body’s natural time-keeping clock, you need to set it to a certain known circadian rhythm. Any odd timing that you wake up at can ruin your sleep. It also affects your brain, body and hormones. By exposing yourself to bright light during day you are helping yourself stay awake when you need to and telling your body to call it a day and sleep when it's actually time to sleep. By being under natural sunlight during day time your circadian rhythm becomes healthy. This improves your daytime energy, and also your nighttime sleep quality and duration. Even when you ask your local Mattress Stores owners they will advise you to do this. They know how insomnia patients benefit largely from daytime bright light exposure. It results in improved sleep quality and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep by 83%.

Buy Smarter Devices To Reduce Blue Light Exposure

You must’ve heard of the all popular reader mode or night mode on smartphones. This seems to be the new thing that is especially invented to reduce exposure to blue light in the evening. This is because its impact on your circadian rhythm is quite high and it tricks your brain into thinking that it is still day time. This reduces hormones such as melatonin which in turn reduces your ability to relax and sleep. Do the following to make sure blue light doesn’t cause you to lose sleep:

·       Buy glasses to block blue light

·       Download apps to block blue light on your phone and laptop or computer

·       Avoid watching TV 2 hours before bed

·       Turn off all the bright lights

Do these and see the difference in your sleep.

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