How to Please Rahu

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Rahu and Ketu, the shadowy celestial figures, are considered by astrological sciences as regular planets. Rahu reflects the personality of the native and his deeds for the current lifetime. Ketu lets you know what kind of a personality you possessed in your previous incarnation. Rahu and Ketu can also create Raja yogas in birth chart. Rahu denotes worldly prosperity, whereas Ketu highlights the aspect of spiritual liberation. Rahu is the eternal diplomatic manipulator, whereas Ketu is considered Rishi or spiritual planet. These planets have direct sway over our mental dynamics. Rahu, and Ketu, if located within two degrees of the Ascendant, impart an unusual personality and an appearance that demarcates the individual from the rest of the crowd.

Mars and Saturn influence ketu and rahu respectively. While Rahu is the femme fatale, Ketu is the eunuch in the zodiacal list of luminaries. You can know all about your paternal grandfather while Ketu provides reliable clues on your maternal grandmother. The impact of Rahu in Kundli must be analyzed with competent care.

How does Rahu affect the native when combined with different planets?

Rahu affects the native when combined with different planets, in the following way. 

A person with Mercury with Rahu is an obsessive liar, deceitful, with dangerous intentions. Rahu with Mars induces aggression and a deviant mind. People with bad mars can be sadistic and cruel to others. Rahu with Jupiter harbingers the Guru Chandal yoga, resulting in excessive misuse of authority and a certain degree of religiosity.  If Rahu is found with Sun, it shares the shine and splendor of the Sun and thereby represents the individual's personality as it appears on the outside.  Rahu with Moon gives hallucinatory and delusional ideas to the native. Rahu with Saturn leads the native towards self-mortification, orthodox behavior, and dictatorial tendencies. Rahu with Venus imbues morally deviant attitude and behavior in a native. 

Mahadasha of Rahu – The implications.

The mahadasha of Rahu can be divided into three capsules of time. The initial six years are meant for putting in your efforts; the middle period for reaping the rewards of your hard work done; and the last phase would conclude your hard work as well as rewards earned. Rahu Mahadasha helps the native to distance himself away from the cycle of Karma. This period could bring him the required fame and fortune in their life. Dasha alone is not the determinant here, giving results percent, but how other planets are associated with him confers complete results.

How to please Rahu?

Rahu can be pleased by following some observances. Vedic astrology suggests certain surefire ways to remove Rahu's negative impact. Some karmic corrections are given below that suggest changes in lifestyle and attitude due to which all problems encountered will be mitigated. Let us examine each here.

Do not live a luxurious lifestyle in big cities. Spend some time every day without gadgets. Do not ape the fashion influencers. Live each moment today and live it fully. Take time, relax and go through new experiences. Do not be greedy. Say no to alcohol or drugs. Do not go beyond the limit while using social media. Do not get into new yoga, psychotherapy, or creative visualization fads. Follow vegetarianism at least intermittently. Do not commit to something. This is how Rahu can be pleased.

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I know it irks when I say this, but you must take it stoically. Rahu stands for anything unusual, incurable, and lifelong diseases. It could be cancer, insanity, depression, and psychological problems. It also points at supernatural help, addictions, side effects of drugs, delusions. Rahu gives you everything, but it is up to you to know how to use it.

What are the effects of Rahu in different houses?

Let me tell you how powerful and well-placed Rahu is in your first house of the horoscope. Rahu in the Second House can raise his social status, get him government grants, baffle him with temptations, and inspire him to earn unethically. Rahu in the Third House gives boldness and courage to the native. Rahu in Fourth House helps to get grants from government. Rahu in Fifth House can bring sudden financial windfalls through speculation. Native would be indomitable, irrepressible, and gains in health, power, and affluence with Rahu is in the sixth house. These natives are blessed with longevity and prosperity by having Rahu in the seventh house. Due to Rahu in the eighth house, the native can pay back his debts and gain assets. The native's religious proclivities would be all the more heightened if Rahu is in the ninth. Rahu in Tenth House allows the native to have a long and successful career. If Rahu is in the eleventh house, affluence, boldness, and power follow the native. Rahu in Twelfth House improves chances for overseas travel and helps him achieve his ambitions. These are the effects of Rahu in different houses.

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