How To Find Your Business According To Astrology

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Business Astrology is your key to answers about any question that you may have about your business yoga as per the birth-chart. In the present world, young men and women are more interested in doing their own thing than to dance to someone else’s tune. This translates into self-employment or business. Although a job, whether in the government or private sector, means security of livelihood, doing business is often fraught with uncertainties. The income isn’t fixed. However, with business astrology, it is easy to stay on the safer side of destiny and, at least, be prepared about what is in store for you.

Let us begin with the planetary combinations and favorable details present in your horoscope, that could convince you to go for business as a career or not.

Business According To Astrology

There are 12 Houses in your birth-chart, and different houses denote different aspects of your life as a businessman.

1. First House is the key to everything because it represents your self.
2. Second House is the house of wealth, speech and communication, thus, it is significant for all types of businesspersons.
3. Third House is the house of labor, judgments, and courage, all three of which are necessary for the success of a business.
4. Sixth House is the house of loan, which is what you would need if you want to establish a business. This house is particularly helpful in conjunction with the 2nd house.
5. Seventh House is the most auspicious house for an entrepreneur since it represents business, partnership and the whole journey of becoming a businessman eventually. 
6. Ninth House is the house of fortune, therefore, its strong presence in your horoscope means that much more success as a businessman.
7. Tenth House depicts a person’s profession, as simple as that! 
8. Eleventh House represents the gains a businessman would gather from different resources. It includes income, loans, etc.

Business Yoga As Per Birth-Chart

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who is well known among his clients for astute advice and predictions regarding the major decisions of a person’s life, including business, says that it is necessary to check the situations in your birth-chart before going for that all important decision about your business. Though there may or may not be several astrological yogas (chances) available in your horoscope, but the ones really necessary for your becoming a businessperson are - 

a. Rajyoga – This yoga is formed when there is a conjunction between the Lords of the Trine House or Kendra. Raj Yoga means immense fortune, fame and success for a person.

b. Wealth yoga – When there is a relationship between the 2nd, or 5th or 9th or 11th lord and The Lagan lord, there is usually presence of a lot of wealth in your horoscope.

c. Panch Mahapurusha – When the five planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus) are situated in their own sign or in their exalted sign in a Kendra at the time of your birth, this yoga is formed. It confirms that your life as a businessman would be prosperous.

d. Gajakesari Yoga – When Jupiter is situated in a Cardinal House from Moon, the businessperson is virtuous, wealthy, illustrious. In other words, the person enjoys lasting fame.

e. Karma Jiva Yoga – When there is a strong Mercury presence in the 10th house, without any malefic aspect, the person’s fame grows multi-fold.

Astrological Combinations for Business:

• When Mercury joins with Moon, and the 2nd house or lord of the 2nd house, the individual is meant to excel in his or her business.
• The conjunction of the 2nd and the 11th houses creates a powerful wealth yoga, which depicts multiple gains over the years
• When the lord of the 2nd house is situated in the 11th house or vice-versa, a person has a strong chance of setting up his own business. An individual could also succeed in business if the lord of the 3rd house is placed in the 11th house.
• In case the lords of 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are placed in the Kendra or Cardinal Planet, a person is destined to succeed as a businessman.
• When the lords of 7th, 9th and 10th houses are related to each other, you have a good chance of becoming a businessman.
• An individual is ambitious as well as influential in his business if Saturn is the lord of the 10th or 11th houses and placed in the 9th house.
• When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct with the Kendra, you have a strong chance of earning your own money through business. 
• If there is an exalted Mercury situated in the 2nd house, with the Ascendant lord in the horoscope, the person can really hope to become a businessman.

Business Astrology is very specific about the horoscope’s interpretation with regard to your business prospects. Dr. Bajrangi can offer private consultations regarding business yoga as per the birth-chartSo, for the best advice regarding career, marriage and several other major life-changing aspects in your life, consult Dr. Bajrangi, whose writings also reveal an in-depth understanding of the rich tradition of Vedic Astrology. Connect with him on or on phone - +91 9278665588 / 9278555588.

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