How To Do Right Business Selection According To The Horoscope?

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Selecting the right business according to the horoscope is an art not many are aware of. There could be no other reason for someone failing in a business into which they have poured their sweat and blood. We may choose to overlook this sensitive part about astrology and horoscope reading, but the fact remains that Astrology warns in advance about which way to go or not to go. Same holds true for all the aspects of our lives, including our profession. In fact, it is very easy to decipher how to do right business selection according to the horoscope, even before you lay down one brick of your new venture, with the help of business selection as per date of birth.

There are experienced astrologers who have decades of experience in reading people’s horoscopes and analyzing the stars and planets to find out what is in store for them. In case of business selection as per date of birth, it is even easier because there are planets which are favorable or unfavorable clearly for certain businesses and industries. Once you choose your business as per your favorable planets, success is easy to achieve. However, before that, you need to realize what business astrology is all about. 

Business Astrology

This is the tool which provides you information about your future as a businessperson, not only that, it also tells you what challenges to prepare for and which path to avoid as it is too risky. So make it your guide before you embark on the path of self-employment, whether small-scale or large-scale. Business Astrology has two aspects, which are - 

1) Horoscope Analysis – When a person wants to know about the right business selection according to the horoscope, this analysis provides you with your business potential through the current year as well as for the future years. You can find out about the profit or loss that your business choice is going to incur as well as the problems that you might face in that line of business. Moreover, analysis of your horoscope also provides you with solutions and remedies to ensure better success in your venture.

2) Business Analysis – This part of astrological consultation strictly deals with the business itself. You will get answers to your questions regarding the time of establishing the business to choosing or not choosing a particular line. Picking up the right business sector is a very important aspect of business astrology. For instance, if Jupiter is your planet for the business, then you would gain more success in fields such as education, learning, financial guide, etc. However, contrary to that, if you do not consult an astrologer or find out more about the business selection as per date of birth, you might end up working in the real estate business, which might not bring you as much success.

Correct Line of Business

Coming to choosing the line of business that is correct for you, you must know that each planet rules over different entities like a metal, element, colour or stone. Same way, your ruling planet favors various lines of business and here is the list that you can make your pick from after finding out what is your ruling planet as per the horoscope - 

Sun – This planet favors a business related to government sector or govt. clients. 

Moon – You could do great business if this is your ruling planet and you work in the cotton, water or food line of business.

Saturn – It rules real estate, steel, land businesses, so you know where to put your money in.

Venus – Someone with Venus as their ruling planet should go into any type of entertainment business or deal in garments, Telecom, News, Media, communication, etc.

Mars – This ruling planet works best for automobile or war equipment business.

Jupiter – As already mentioned, this planet offers immense success in businesses that have something to do with education, consultation, learning and financial guide.

Rahu – Quite surprisingly, this planet rules businesses with dicey prospects such as gambling, lottery or handling black money.

Ketu – This ruling planet is best known to favor businesses like Information Technology and Politics.

Astrology is very specific about its interpretation of horoscopes and your horoscope is the key to the business you must or must not indulge in. One of the leading astrologers of India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who is known for his most practical advices and consultations regarding business astrology says that your business is as much governed by your horoscope as the rest of your life. Dr. Bajrangi, who is well known among his clients for astute advice and predictions regarding the major decisions of a person’s life, also offers private consultations regarding career prospects and specific job-related queries. He has some hands-on services for providing astrological services like the right business selection according to the horoscope. So, for the best advice regarding career, marriage and several other major life-changing aspects in your life, consult Dr. Bajrangi, whose writings also reveal an in-depth understanding of the rich tradition of Vedic Astrology. Connect with him on or on phone - +91 9278665588 / 9278555588.

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