What is Rahu Mahadasha?

by Vinay Singh Writer

Rahu is a notorious planet known to almost all laymen as a harbinger of lunar and solar eclipses. Rahu is a born malefic with no allotted house in the zodiac. It mirrors the qualities of the lord of the house that it occupies. If he is placed in the home of Saturn, he reflects Saturnian elements. Rahu is a prominent mythological figure whose nefarious aspirations to possess the divine nectar were successfully thwarted by Lord Vishnu. Nevertheless, he has a prominent place in the zodiac, which none can deny. It would be only wise not to take him lightly.

Although Rahu is usually malefic, he is also well disposed towards those he extends his beneficial influence on. As per the vimshottari calculation, the malefic and benefic impact of Rahu in his ruling period can be investigated to get a clearer picture of his traits. Rahu mahadasha is 18 years, all in all, during which period, he impacts the destiny of humankind in a significant way.

What are the malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha?

Rahu's evil characteristics are heightened if he posited in a house owned by a malefic planet. He is at his worst when afflicted by Saturn, Mars, and Sun. Scorpio or Sagittarius's placement of Rahu can be devastating on the native's fortunes as Rahu is debilitated in these houses. His association with Saturn in any place of the zodiac can bring in shrapit yoga known for its grahana/Chandra dosha. Rahu's mahardasha can spell significant harm if associated with mars in any house. Problems due to Rahu's mahardasha can be of diverse types. You may have to face health hazards and expulsion from your job, with your personal life going topsy turvy. Malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha are multifarious.

You may also be knee-deep in debt during his period. It is primarily known to cause havoc and adverse impact on the course of life if it arrives a little too soon, in your childhood. Your impressionable years may be marked with strife, turmoils arising from legal issues, sibling rivalry, problems from influential persons and government sources.  

How does Rahu benefit during his Mahadasha?

When he is beneficial, as seen in the case of a few people, the native's life situation can be nothing short of a miracle. To rightly put it, it would be all things rosy and pink. When he is benevolent, he can turn the native s life into a paradisical experience. Rahu benefits during his mahadasha to a large extent.

The exaltation points for Rahu are Gemini and Taurus. Mahardasha of exalted Rahu surprises you with wealth, wisdom, an admirable social standing, unexpected gains, soaring confidence levels, spiritual experiences, international travel, to name a few. Luck of this magnitude can be expected if Rahu is positioned in the 3rd, 6th, and 10th house in your birth chart. The benefic impact will be accentuated due to the aspect of Jupiter, Venus, moon, and mercury on Rahu. A benefic Rahu empowers the native with optimism, grit, assertiveness, and being people friendly. Rahu brings the best out of the native, along the lines of career or academics or for overseas travel. He bestows fame, positions of honor, and sharp intellect on the native. The native would acquire a superiority over others, and an authoritative figure, with an added repository of knowledge. The native, if in marriageable age, could marry suddenly, or he may go abroad to settle there permanently. The spouse acquired at this time would prove to be a boon from the heavens. Children would be obedient, and a new house would be acquired, vehicles could be purchased, new land and properties could be bought during the period of beneficial Rahu. Rahu's placement in the second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth house in the sun or Venus sign can bring unprecedented luck and fame.

How is Rahu Mahadasha different from Rahu Antardasha?

Rahu mahardasha is compartmentalized into anthardashas. The Rahu antardasha of Rahu mahardasha brings down your morale and the will to endure. This period would be characterized by the fear of snakes, family disagreements, depression, anxiety from water sources, suicidal ideation, discord with friends, harmful friendship, and promiscuity. Rahu mahadasha is different from Rahu anthardasha in a significant way.

If he is debilitated, especially in Scorpio or Sagittarius, the results are more harmful than good in the Rahu anthardasha period. If he is conjoined with malefics, the results would be traumatic. Your disposition during the mahardasha of Rahu would be that of procrastination and inertia. During this dasha, Rahu may disappoint you with legal proceedings, arrests, and many other harmful turns of events.


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