Know What Happens When Rahu Mahadasha Starts

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Astrological theorems of Hindu astrology state that the node of Rahu is essentially malefic. Rahu is an indomitable psychic and astral influence and a shadowy planet that stands for the prosperity of the mundane kind, and his vibes also cause Raja yoga, depending upon his association with various planets in the chart. The node of Rahu reflects himself in the spectrum of emotions of human beings, such as joy, misery, happiness, and difficulties.  

How to know about Rahu Mahadasha? 

We can know about Rahu Maha Dasha by using certain methods. The very first period of Rahu would operate for two years, eight months, and 12 days. This period of adjustment operates based on planetary support extended to Rahu. The first six years of this period actually build a foundation of your efforts, the middle six years are the time to enjoy the outcome of your efforts. The last six years are for both these to complete. 

Rahu Dasha will, first, deactivate the gifts of Mars Dasha. But this Dasha of Rahu activates malefic planets in the chart, especially Saturn and Ketu. There are certain things he needs to be cautious about. The Dasha of Rahu goes on to activate certain personality traits as well. He induces transformation in native. Due to Rahu's influence, the native develops heavy materialistic leanings. Due to increasing lethargy, he suffers a lack of attention to things. He breaks the old patterns and finds himself in unfamiliar situations. In Rahu dasha, he loses whatever he had gained so far, before the advent of Rahu, Rahu Dasha. Misunderstandings develop with people, and he turns into a rebel. It is a common experience for the natives under Rahu Mahadasha to be rejected by society. Mystical experiences are a possibility. Some foreign elements will be introduced to his life at this point. He would be swept away by his innermost desires and insatiable obsessions. He would develop unusual cravings for intoxicants. To please him, one should modify his life and pattern of thinking. Let us see how we could please Rahu.

How to please Rahu?

Rahu can be appeased by following certain lifestyle modifications. As per Vedic Astrology, there are tips for counteracting Rahu's adverse effects. We need to practice some karmic corrections and let us briefly look at them. 

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Do not live an exorbitant and lavish lifestyle in metros. Spend some time without gadgets for some time during the day. Don't fall prey to the latest fashion fads. Try living in the moment now, experience life bit by bit, and shed off your excess greed. Do not smoke and consume alcohol. Do not be a social media addict. Also, do not chase extravagant diets, modern-day yoga, psychotherapy, or creative visualization. Turn into a vegan, at least intermittently. Do not over or under commit. All incurable chronic, unusual diseases come under the purview of Rahu. It could be anything from Cancer depression to skin diseases etc. You could please Rahu by observing all these practices. Rahu is beneficial in some houses naturally. He is also a natural malefic for some houses.

Which is the best House for Rahu ?

 If well-fortified, Rahu can bring affluence into the native's life in the third House. It is very lucky for the native to have Rahu here. Further, Rahu in the 9th House improves his relations with his siblings. As days pass, the relationship becomes even more cordial. Rahu in the eleventh is immensely fortunate for some people as it showers affluence and luxury on the native. These are the best houses for Rahu to be in.

Which House is bad for Rahu?

Rahu in certain houses of the zodiac might spell harm to the native. Let us go over the placing of Rahu that proves detrimental to the native. 

 Rahu in the 4th House

Rahu in the 4th House is not considered a good position because the person's mother may face health problems, or the native may have to live away from his mother. His personal life may be in shambles, whereas he will do well professionally. Harms the health of the native. Makes him spend lavishly.

Rahu in the 5th House

Rahu in 5th House is not considered good as Rahu destroys the good tidings that this House brings. It causes unusual delays during childbirth, spoils education, and takes away the native's interest in studies. He can't find a job, and opportunities for job growth elude him. 

Rahu in the 7th House

However, If Rahu is in the 7th House, marriage will be a thorn bed and cause frequent crashes. He may also deviate from the marital path. Sudden ups and downs in business will tear his life apart. His logic and intelligence work against his interests, and he is seen making incoherent judgments that mar his prospects in every way. 

Rahu in the 8th House

The native having Rahu in 8th House in his Kundali has mounting expenditure all the time. A career would pose problems, and he may not give his best to the job. 

These houses are bad for Rahu.

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