All Tyrants in Resident Evil Series

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If you are a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, the word Tyrant would be familiar to you as it often appeared in the Resident Evil. Tyrants are biologically enhanced super-soldiers created by the sinister organization Umbrella Corporation. These tyrants are the result of several different types of experiments done by Umbrella Corporation. With the introduction of tyrants, Capcom earned a great name and popularity for its franchise series, and the franchise is famous all over the world. Tyrants appeared in the Resident Evil as the boss characters who are smart, secure, and acts as the super-intelligent bioweapon. A various type of Tyrants have made their appearance in the movies and the video game of Resident Evil and here is the list of Tyrants appeared in the franchise:-

All Tyrants in Resident Evil Series

Source:-All Tyrants in Resident Evil Series

T-002 (Resident Evil)

T-002 was the first Tyrant developed by the team of Arklay Biological weapon research, and it was the top-secret project. However, the project was successful, and the study created a humanoid, but the intelligence level of this Tyrant was only equal to that of humans.

T-oo (Resident Evil2)

T-OO appeared as the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2, which was the original part of the franchise. Most of the fans are knowing this Tyrant as Mr.X since 2019 after its remake. T-OO got the applause of the people for its humans like appearance and the unique trenchcoat. T-OO was used in the game to create havoc and terror among the players.

Nemesis- (Resident Evil 3)

This Tyrant was appeared with the name of Nemesis in part 3 of  Resident Evil to shoot the player. Nemesis appeared in massive size, and it had a giant mouth filled with teeth.

T-078 (Code Veronica)

T-078 was among the several tyrants that made their appearance in the Playstation 2 game and Dreamcast. This Tyrant was quite identical to the model of T-002 and was sent for Steve Burnside and ClaireRedfield to put to the death but eventually, the tyrant came to his end, when Claire threw him off the airplane.

Bandersnatch (Resident Evil)

Bandersnatch was another tyrant from Code Veronica and was inspired by the character of Lewis Carroll. This Tyrant can use its unnatural long arms and can fell heavily upon the player. Steve killed Bandersnatch in the bossy fight that took place between both of them.

Hypnos-T(Resident Evil: Survivor)

This Tyrant was very interesting and was the first in the heritage of the games based on the light gun shooter in the franchise of Resident evil.

T-001 (Resident Evil Zero)

T-001 fight several types in the Resident Evil Zero, and the Umbrella training facility destroyed it at the end of the game. It was the first tyrant bioweapon and was created by Arklay’s Lab.

Tyrant 091(Resident Evil: Dead AIM.)

The makers of this tyrant introduced it in the game in the year 2003 with an exceptional look having tentacles and were the other one of the light gun shooter series. It was destroyed by Bruce McGivern, who was the character played in the game.

Thanatos appeared in Outbreak of Resident Evil

The rogue scientist of Umbrella Corporation, Greg Mueller, created this boss tyrant which appeared in the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Tyrant R (Resident Evil Outbreak file#2)

The Tyrant R  emerged in the next part of the Outbreak and then later in the chronicles of the Umbrella and finally, Ada Wong killed the Tyrant R. It was absorbed by Nyx at the end of Outbreak#2 and again got the life when Nyx met with his end.

Tyrant C

Tyrant C was very much identical to the model of T-103  and appeared in a coat that was red in color and having horns exclusively in the Resident Evil Outbreak File#2.

T.A.L.O.S.  (The Umbrella Chronicles)

The tyrant was armored with the lethal organic system has the appearance of an exceptional cybernetic technique and could be seen as a boss in a light gun shooter in the Umbrella Chronicles. Ivan (Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles) and Unidentified new tyrants series in Resident evil damnation were also tremendous and bossy characters and was appeared after a lot of innovations.

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