Best Tips and Tricks for Perfect Delivery in Death Stranding

by Harry M. developer

Death Stranding can sometimes be a very confusing game as you are all alone walking with some tools through the ruins of America. There are tons of different hidden mechanics at play, and several tool tricks will appear only when you figure things out. With that in mind, here are the tips and tricks to avoid too much backtracking as well as delivering perfectly in the game.

Source:-Best Tips and Tricks for Perfect Delivery in Death Stranding

Essential Tips for Cargo and Movement

  • First of all, make sure to place smaller cargo such as climbing anchors and ladders on the legs and arms. It will support in balancing you better by distributing the weight away from the back.
  • Keep the medium-sized stuff in the tool rack and reduce the weight.
  • Be careful while sprinting among the downhill or rock. In case you lost your balance, then it will lead to an unproductive location or create more complications.
  • Double-tap on the Jump button and clear the gaps or rivers effortlessly.
  • The cargo containers are no longer used to place in-game items. So, there is no need to worry in case of damage from timefall.
  • The game allows users to take lots of blood packs in the pouch and versatile boots on the boot rack as it will not use any extra space.
  • Always try to skim across the edges of rivers and lakes for refilling canteen without getting into the water.
  • Rest a bit in case of low stamina otherwise, you will end up losing balance more easily.
  • For soothing BB, players can disable motion controls.
  • Wait for the prompt to balance again when carrying heavy cargo in the game.
  • Turn your character to left or right when carrying massive cargo to anticipate as soon as losing the balance.
  • You will lose your item after 1000 meters of distance. So, try not to leave something behind or in vehicles.
  • Take cryptobiotic to refill blood as they also cover less space than blood packs.

Useful Tips to Take Down MULEs

  • MULEs will stay knocked out for a longer time in case a player knocks out each MULE in a camp.
  • Steal and load MULE trucks up to refill your items in the game or else all the good will be shared online.
  • To lure MULEs, leave a random container at the edge of the area and attack suddenly to steal their items.
  • For an instant KO, find a throwable container to bash their faces.
  • While fighting against MULEs, use the strand and then parry to defeat them without making too much effort.
  • When you are fighting with MULE, and it drops any item you do not need, pick it up to strike.
  • Two circles on MULEs head refers that they will break free in a minute. So, make sure to kick them until you see star icons.
  • In the game, the star icon on MULEs head means they are out cold and will not wake up for a long time.
  • Use the vehicles to knock the MULEs more conveniently than fighting head to head.

Tips for Dealing Breached Things   

  • Move slowly or crouch when you are right on top of BTs. It will help to walk on uncharted path without alerting them.
  • Always keep a blood bag equipped before using blood-based weapons to protect your own life.
  • Get rewarded by defeating the miniboss of BTs in the game. To survive in the game, you need to earn in-game currency like crystal. So, it is better to let yourself in hand of BTs to lure miniboss.
  • In case, BTs are aware of whereabouts and start chasing; then it is better to climb on a high location to avoid them.
  • Note, using the Grenades against BTs will not work. It is better to avoid using them in the game.

Tips for Vehicle and Structure

  • It is recommended to scout out the danger by placing watchtowers at the edge of Chiral Network borders.
  • To store excess lost items, you can leave the cargo to the next shelter as if they need to be delivered in a different direction.
  • The game allows accessing MULE trucks rather than Bridges trucks available in the major cities.
  • To get benefits from other players, you need to build generators outside every prepper and facility.
  • To access the stuff from terminals, players are required to leave their trucks on elevators or close to the structure.
  • Always ride on the centre of the paved roads to save battery of your vehicles.
  • Most of the time, gamers find it hard to get a vehicle. Sometimes, other players leave their vehicle in the garages. So, check your nearby garage to access a free ride.
  • Always throw the rope down after using other’s climbing anchor.
  • Restore the lousy condition of your cargo using timefall shelters and also get protection from timefall as well.

Online Interaction Tips

  • Dismantle any structure from your world if you are facing any problem in the view.
  • You will get a notification if any other player tries to offer any structure, sign, item or a small stamina boost.
  • De-stress your character by getting the BB sign in the game.
  • Place a request at the arrow sign to attain a climbing anchor or ladder.
  • For a strand contract with other players, get any helpful structure or items from them in Death Stranding game.
  • Get access to every item left by other players on the map using the Chiral Network. Most importantly, you need to use a scanner to highlight those items on the map.
  • After completing the scanner’s scan on the map for items, players can easily see them even when they are offline.
  • The more favours you do the more the game will help to reach a high level without facing too much obstacle.

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