Best Guns in Resident Evil 2 For Claire

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A great arsenal has the ability to improve the experience of the game to the player. Here you can find how to find every weapon for Claire and its updates.

When you play mission-based games, you should have a great collection of a weapon in your arsenal. Still, only having a vast collection is not enough. Players should know which is great for which condition. One way to do is by experience: play a game with different guns and judge them by your own experience. This will take a large amount of time and require a lot of patience. The other one to know this is by reading this article, find everyone one and use them accordingly and judge them yourself.

This list is created on the basis that it will suit Claire. This is best for you to have many guns and upgrade them to the max level, so when you face boss or other enemies, you have the best gun, according to you.

SLS 60

This is the standard issue for Claire. So when you select her as your avatar, you will have this piece of weaponry with her automatically. This pistol has much lower power than the standard weapon of Leon, but it can achieve the great potential. When it upgraded, it works like a sidearm weapon of Magnum style.


        Reinforced Frames: This upgrade can be found in the safe place right side in Treatment Pool Room at Upper Sewers (you have to cross a bridge to reach there). The combination of the safe is 2 Left, 12 Right, 8 Left (also marked on the right corner of the safe).

        Speed Loader: On the first floor of the West Office, you will find two safe. The combination of these two safes is NED (of left safe) and MRG (of the right safe).


This piece of weaponry is much more reliable as compared to SLS 60. It takes time in Claire's timeline but is worth all the time. The laser sight is attached to the pistol to help you target. You will able to locate this on the first level of Building B's Parking Garage. To get this gun, you have to go Firing Range first and take the key (which will be in the box). Take the key to the parking garage and then press A/X, which will open the boot of Police Car. Now, this pistol is all yours for taking.


        High-Capacity Magazine: The only update of this is for increasing the magazine capacity. This upgrade can be achieved from the safe in the waiting room on the Police Station's 2nd floor. To get this upgrade, you will need the combination, which is 6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left.

GM79 Grenade Launcher

This weaponry of Claire is equivalent to an upgraded version of Leon's Shotgun. To add this launcher to your arsenal, you have to take the Weapon Locker Card, which is placed in the Art room on the second floor (situated on Police Station's east side). Take this card to the first floor's west side naming Safety Deposit Room. You have to look behind the locked gate, and there you will find the GM79.


        Shoulder Stock: To get this upgrade, you have to go to the control room of the elevator in the basement level 1 of the police station. Now you have to go to the Parking garage from where you can access the elevator to elevator of Chief Iron. Now you just have to go to the locker room.

MQ 11

This Submachine gun is a powerful weapon in Claire's arsenal. You are going to need a S.T.A.R.S. Badge for this weapon. To find this Badge, you have to go to the Library and pick a book. With this book head towards the Art room on the 2nd floor. Find the state and push it down with arm and book. The stature will displace, and the Badge will appear. Now head towards the Office. Here, this Badge is going to convert in the USB by examining it. This USB will open Armory of the Office of S.T.A.R.S.


        Silencer: To get this upgrade, travel to Underground Facility, now walk towards the stairs, and go down till you see the glass case. Here you have to convert Badge from the USB and slide it in the box which will unlock the upgrade for you.

        Extended Magazine: Firstly, find the film roll, which is hidden in the Workroom located as a part of Upper Sewers. In the darkroom, you have to use T-Bar to turn the lights on. When light is on, go to the second floor of the S.T.A.R.S. office. There you have to check the left drawer on the desk.

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