Add Variety To Office Snacks To Make It Healthy And Tasty

by Simon Morris I am a freelance writer.

Offering the same food item day in and day out may not have the type of impact you want on your employees even though these food items are offered free of cost. Over a couple of weeks if not days, your employees will lose interest in it leaving them with three options:

·         Deny taking it when offered

·         Take it home to let their kids have it or

·         Visit the nearby eatery during lunch hour to grab a bite.

Imagine the monetary loss involved in all these three options apart from the loss of time for the employee. This is a huge loss in productive times because the employee will have to:

·         Leave the desk

·         Wait and take the elevator to go down

·         Walk across the road to the eatery

·         Place the order when the turn comes

·         Wait for the food to be delivered

·         Have it and

·         Then follow the same steps on their way back to the desk.

Imagine almost all of the employees doing the same during lunch hours and even a couple of times in addition to it for a quick snack to deal with their mid-afternoon hunger pangs. It comes to a lot of work hours.

Add variety in office snacks

You can avoid all these by simply providing your employees with snack or food items that are healthy and tasty and have a lot of variety in it. A carefully designed Variety snacks plan will keep them to their desk and add to the productive hours and in turn to your business profits. When you add variety in the office snacks, the employees will love it and you will be able to contribute to their overall wellness.

Simply follow these office snack options to help your employees avoid those sugary and Trans Fat loaded snacks. These options are suggested by some of the most renowned health experts, nutritionists, doctors, dietitians, fitness coaches, and healthy lifestyle bloggers.

·         All these options are not only healthy but very filling.

·         These are easy to make, carry and have.

·         These are all easily available as well.

All these health experts had five specific types of snacks in common to recommend and when voted it was found that:

·         Fruits topped with 15 votes

·         Nuts followed with 12 votes

·         Veggies and nut butter received 7 votes and were tied

·         Protein bar got 6 votes and

·         Yogurt received 5 votes.

Apart from these common types of snacks, there are also a few other interesting types and combinations that you can consider as well. These are as follows:

·         Dried fruits

·         Fruit and nut bar

·         Energy bar

·         String cheese

·         Granola

·         Jerky

·         Trail Mix

·         Chips

·         Dark chocolate and

·         Crackers.

You can also try out a few useful and healthy combinations of snack items to keep that afternoon hunger pangs away such as:

·         Having a handful of nuts along with string cheese – This is a low carb combination that will keep you moving as the high protein content will keep you satisfied and full till your next meal. The healthy fat in the nuts will provide you with an additional dose of nutrition that the employees require during the day in the office. You have to try avocado for healthy diet. Avocado acid reflux is really beneficial.

·         Greek yogurt and almonds or blueberries – This will surely be one of the favorites of your employees apart from the health benefits that it will provide.

·         Low sugar oatmeal with nut butter – Another popular choice among the health experts, this is a healthy combination that will do more than what ten almonds can do as long as you do not add any added sugar to it.

·         Roasted chickpeas – Eating roasted chickpeas while working at the desk is another good way to keep the hunger pangs away. These are packed with fiber and a huge amount of potassium and most importantly you can make it at home very easily. If you like spicy, you can add cumin, cinnamon, or cayenne while making it.

·         Qi bar – You can choose this if you want something more than just healthy food such as quality, quality, frequency, and nutrient balance.

·         Fruit piece with a handful of nuts – You can eat a piece of your favorite fruit first and then eat the nuts. The fruit will provide a balanced amount of fiber and healthy carbs while when you have the nuts you will have these both along with a considerable amount of protein. This combination is incredibly filling and ay the same time is low on calories.

·         Raw almonds, seaweed snacks, fruits, and others – If you want to pair your food so as to take more protein and fiber then combine these with Larabars and kombucha.  This will help to control the amount of insulin produced in the body. This will prevent major weight loss as glycemic foods will be avoided.

·         Dried fruits – You can also have a piece of dried mango, apple, pear, and even dried banana but make sure there is no added sugar coating in it. This will keep you full for a long time. The natural deliciousness makes these dried fruits easy to eat and get more fiber and nutrients in the body. Add to that dried fruits are known to be great sources of energy and therefore will keep the employees up and awake in work. It contains the desired amount of calories but no fat which is another good thing about these dried fruits.

·         Trail mix – You can also have a homemade trail mix with a combination of few sturdy fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, and other stone fruits like plums, peaches, and nectarines. Make sure that the homemade trail mix contains high fiber cereal, puffins, cashews, almonds, and walnuts. This will be a great source of energy and nutrients the best invisible dog fence.

·         Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt bar – This is another combination you can try to add variety in your regular Greek yogurt mix with nuts and dried cranberries or raw veggies with guacamole. This is a delicious and satisfying option.

Be creative in your snack variety so that you get both nutrition and pleasure apart from keeping away the hunger pangs. 

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