Living Productively with Chronic Granulomatous Disease – Things to Bear in Mind

by Simon Morris I am a freelance writer.

Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) is an inherited disorder of the immune system usually identified in infants and children that makes them highly vulnerable to inflammation and infection. According to the, CGD is a rare disease with an incidence rate of four to five in one million. The primary cause of genetic mutation of white blood cells used to have a high mortality rate, however with modern treatment, a significant reduction of both the frequency and severity of infection has been achieved. Modern therapy has made it possible for those suffering from CGD to have a normal life expectancy and like other members of the community, get employment, marry, have children, and lead fulfilling lives.

What to Keep In Mind If You Have CGD?

Adults with CGD, like everyone else, need to live life with a sense of purpose, contribute in a meaningful way to the world around them, and feel a sense of accomplishment. The majority of those having CGD are diagnosed when very young and become accustomed to it by the time they become adults, however, there are still some important things to bear in mind. Also important to clean up your mind from bad things and clean your house to feel better.

Continue learning about CGD: There is a lot on ongoing research in CGD that can provide new information on the disease as well as its treatment and chronic granulomatous disease life expectancy. It is important for you to stay in the loop about new information so that you can review your existing knowledge base. There are a number of resources and support groups that can help you to lead a life that is more productive; you should sign up for their newsletters and become an active participant in their activities.

Choose a high-quality healthcare team: Because CGD generally strikes the very young; the initial caregivers are usually parents but as the patient becomes an adult, it is vital for him to choose healthcare specialists who have both the knowledge and the empathy to deal with CGD patients. It is essential to have an immunologist experienced in CGD treatment who will also encourage you to question every aspect of your condition, treatment, and options for leading a fulfilling life. Patients who are enthusiastic about participating in their treatment process tend to do better so take time to find yourself healthcare providers who welcome curious patients even though they are hard-pressed.


Because it is not a common disease, it is quite natural for patients to feel all alone at times and become dispirited with their continuous battle. Getting involved with others having the same condition is a great way of cheering each other up, and connecting with like-minded people to share experiences and knowledge. Maintaining strong relationships, both within and outside the family is very important. Spend quality time with family members, meet your friends over a cup of tea or lunch, go walking together or even volunteer for charitable causes so that you do not end up obsessing over your health all the time and realize that there is more to the world. Do not fail to accept help from others and increase both your and their sense of wellbeing. Use your abilities to contribute productively to society and live a full life. 

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