About 650kw Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

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No one don’t knows 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set. However, the 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set used needs to meet the requirements of individual performance indicators. For example: power index, weight and size index, economic index, exhaust pollution index, etc. 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set weight and dimensions indicators and emission standards, see it soon!


1. 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set weight and dimensions.


How to evaluate the compactness of the 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set and the utilization rate of metal materials can be judged by the weight and overall dimensions of the machine. Each type of diesel engine has different dimensions and important requirements.


(1) Weight index of 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set.

About 650kw Yuchai Diesel Generator Set


The weight index of a diesel engine is the ratio of the net weight Gw of the diesel engine to the nominal power Pe, namely gw=Gw/Pe (kg/kW) does not include fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water and other auxiliary equipment and auxiliary systems that are not directly installed on the body of the internal combustion engine, which is called the net weight of the diesel engine. Diesel engine type, structure, size of accessories, materials used and manufacturing technology affect the quality.


(2) 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set outline dimension index The outer dimension index, also known as the compactness index, refers to the compactness index of the overall layout of the diesel engine. It is usually determined by the power per unit volume of the diesel engine. The power per unit volume PV is the ratio of the rated power PE of the diesel engine to the external volume V of the diesel engine, ie. Pv=Pe/V (kW/m^3) where V=LBH, where L, B and H are the length, width and height dimensions of the diesel engine.


2. Exhaust pollution index of 650kw Yuchai diesel generator set.


Diesel engine exhaust contains a small amount of harmful emissions. They are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. These combustion products are discharged into the atmosphere, pollute the environment, endanger human health, and cause social harm. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, restrictions on diesel engine exhaust pollution have become more and more stringent. The standards that China has implemented limit the carbon monoxide emissions from diesel engines of 650kw Yuchai diesel generator sets as follows: When Pe>300kPa, when ge<214g/(kW·h), the NOx limit is 29g/(kW·h); When g,=214-268g/(kW.h), the NOx limit is 14-25g (kW·h); when ge>268g/(kW·h), the NOx limit is llg/(kW·h) .


650kw Yuchai diesel generator sets are used in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, hotels, communities, real estate, coal, military, petroleum, transportation, machinery manufacturing, livestock breeding, garbage disposal, food processing, papermaking, chemical industry, and shipping.


The above is Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for you to organize the diesel generator set 650kw Yuchai diesel generator weight and size indicators and emission standards. Dingbo Power is a company that integrates diesel generator design, supply, debugging and maintenance. Our generator manufacturers, 14 years of diesel generator manufacturing experience, excellent product quality, considerate butler service, and a complete service network provide you with a full range of services. Welcome to consult by email



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