Protecting Children on the Internet

by Casey Zevenbergen
An all in one, Modem, Router, WiFi, Switch with an in built control system, and remote management.
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Review on Protecting Children on the Internet


So you've received your CyberSafe247
and are ready to put it into action...
Here's how.

1. Connect the modem to a computer

Step 1 Unpack the CyberSafe247.

Step 2 Plug the smaller end of the power cord into the power port on the back of the modem.

Step 3 Plug the larger end of the power cord into a power outlet.

Step 4 Switch on the modem by pressing the white button. Make sure the power light is on.

Step 5 Plug one end of the LAN cable into any of the LAN ports on the back of the modem.

Step 6 Once your computer is on, plug the other end of the LAN cable into the LAN port on the computer. A LAN port looks similar to a regular phone jack, but is slightly larger.

Step 7 Make sure that 1 of the 4 LAN lights on the modem is on. This may take a few moments.

2. Connect the modem to a phone jack

Step 1 Find the black or gray phone cord from the package.

Step 2 Plug one end of the phone cord into the gray port on the back of the modem.

Step 3 Plug the other end of the phone cord into the phone jack closest to your computer.

Step 4 Make sure that the power and LAN lights are on. This may take up to 30 seconds.

3. Connect to the Internet

Step 1 Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
In the address bar enter or - Once you've done this hit ENTER and the admin login page will appear.

Step 2 On the page that is titled 'Administrator Login', enter 'admin' and then click the Login button. The Quick Set Up Wizard will appear onscreen.

Step 3 Click on the Quick Setup button on the main menu.

Step 4 Click on ADSL - Connect to the Internet through your ISP button.

Step 5 You now have to enter the details of country, Internet Service Provider (ISP), time zone and your User name and Password.
Your ISP will have provided you with a user name and password when you initially set up your account.
If you have forgotten them, simply call up your ISP and they'll come to your rescue.

Step 6 Click Save and Reboot. It may take up to 3 minutes for the modem to be connected to the Internet.

You're done!
Now the CyberSafe247 should be connected to the Internet.

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Afreen Tarannum Innovator  house wife
hi, thanks a lot for this useful information.
Jul 23rd 2011 06:32   
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer
Casey,thanks very much for your information on protecting a child on the internet:)))))
Jul 23rd 2011 16:28   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I think this is a very useful product. However no guarantee, stay alert since you do not know what they are doing when the are out of the house with friends.
Jul 23rd 2011 17:15   
Jephita Otuke Committed   Internet Markerting
This is a useful product but I think there are so many public places where kids will have access to the internet without any control.
Jul 24th 2011 05:12   
Casey Zevenbergen Advanced   
Very true Jephita, but at least when they are younger and still living at home then Cybersafe247 can be set to monitor etc and also set time limits for access to the Internet.
Jul 24th 2011 08:26   
Nikolay Rusev Advanced   Navigator of Ship
very interesting and useful product .. is very important to protect children from adversity and smite the Internet
Jul 29th 2011 07:48   
Sean Kwan Advanced   Consultant
Useful gadget at home but how about kids who go to cyber cafe?
Jul 30th 2011 08:00   
Casey Zevenbergen Advanced   
Jaunesk, With some intensive promotional work we can also show cyber cafe owners and the like in the value of our product, enabling them to restrict access to pornography and similar web sites.
Jul 31st 2011 00:28   
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