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Some time last year (2010) I conducted a training to a group of Financial consultants under my care, the title of the training is "Multiply Your Income Without Multiplying Your Cost." A 3 steps process that can increase their income by 1000% without incurring much additional cost.

One of the Strategy is to capitalize on the advancement of technology, Internet, Email, Social Networking, etc. Three quarters later, some of them are seeing good result in their income and we are seeing more people joining us (offline of course).

It dawn on me to take a step further on "what if we do it online" so that  I can share the system online with mu group of consultants. That started a frantic search on many business opportunity, strategy, ideas, systems etc etc which I had left out for years. I join Apsense in 2007 and sad to say, just started to be active this years.

My search leads me to discover that the 3 steps of "Multiply Your Income with Multiplying Your Cost "had been used to the extreme by many online marketers. I have to say that being a Chartered Marketer of the World Largest Marketing Profession when come to Online Marketing, I become a Novice. Not because I do not know the concept but mostly because the basic principle of  "Caveat Emptor" or Let the Buyer Beware doesn't seem to apply here. Most promotions are Hyped Up Sales Pitch and one site even shamelessly use the word "Tricks' more than 5 times. True enough, nothing on the website promise is ever delivered. 

In any business, to build solid long term business, we need to build trust and provide quality product, service and advise even when it means that we do not see the immediate result and personal gain. While This approach may not get you Rich Quick,a common desire of many;  it sure will provide a consistent income for years to come. Read my Article  on  "The Gold Digger and The Shovel Seller."

My frantic search, testing, marketing and promoting had finally lead me to ONE site which I believe fitted in the principle of Caveat Emptor -Global NPN.

Check it out, everything you need to know about the Site is very well spell out and the 6 pages report, a MUST READ for all Newbie, even asking reader to quit if do not have the right mindset.

That's something I really Like and you should to!

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