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AdlandPro Free Classified Ads Free to Join
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IMfaceplate Affiliate Program
Dec 4 2010 17:22

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Sokule /KuleTrack Affiliate Program!
Feb 14 2010 11:49

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Mar 26 2009 12:56

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Mr. Whitehead, is a fine example of what it means to be a professional business leader.
 - carmen6000 July 7th, 2013

Marvin is a Great Person to work with and can be trusted and Can help you With some great Marketing ideas Glad to Know you Marvin Pete
 - xyour925job June 17th, 2013

Marvin Whitehead Jr. is expert in internet marketing...I am grateful to connect with him..Good Luck!!!
 - ankita15 June 13th, 2013

Marvin is a good man to have as a friend on APSense, he has been around a long time and is always willing to point people in the right direction. I would give him a good recommendation
 - josh63 June 10th, 2013

Thank you very much for your support and for always being there for everyone. A guide and a role model for all. So long ....                  
 - georgem2008 April 20th, 2013