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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
A new idea for your marketing efforts is about to take off. It will be launched by APSense soon. This RevPage will evolve as we get closer to launch date in August.
Recommended Features
  • Building teams for advertising takes on a whole new meaning
  • As an advertiser, your product or service will get promoters who are highly motivated
  • As a promoter, you will be rewarded in cash
  • Advetisers, you will be able to know how many clicks each promoter gets
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Review on APSense Team Promote

BIG UPDATE: You now have access to the Team Promote Help Center. All is explained, and there are video tutorials too.

UPDATE: A new video has been made, check the bottom of the RevPage.

UPDATE: There's now a Facebook FanPage for Team Promote. Click here to like the FanPage.

Join the Team Promote Support group.

Something new is coming at APSense. Very soon!

You have a product to advertise, or a service? You want to build a team?

You are looking for exciting products to promote? How about getting bonuses for your promotional efforts?

APSense will launch Team Promote in August. Bookmark this RevPage, because I will add information as more details become available.

Here's the official Team Promote logo:

See also this video:

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Matt Stephens Advanced  Fitness is Now
Starting to really love apsense, have recently gotten a few business sign ups from here
Jul 27th 2011 20:08   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Cool, Matt, stay tuned about Team Promote :)
Jul 27th 2011 20:08   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
I am so excited about this Team Promote Philippe. I am so ready for it now. Do you have my name on the member list yet? You should. I will be here with bells on.
Jul 27th 2011 21:39   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I will keep everyone informed, there are 3 of us working on this, Wincer, me and Neville :)
Jul 27th 2011 22:13   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Then this is indeed in good hands. You three are very capable. I look forward to the BIG ROLLOUT.
Jul 27th 2011 22:16   
Joseph B. Advanced  Creative Futurist thinking
Another exciting idea to propel desire to do business on apsense site- thanks
Jul 27th 2011 22:56   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
You're welcome, Zigor :)
Jul 27th 2011 23:10   
Helen Smith Committed   Consultant
Wow, talk about moving forward. Philippe this is a great idea.
Jul 27th 2011 23:28   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
The times, they are a-changing, dear, I see more positive action here than I've seen in a while :)
Jul 27th 2011 23:30   
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
This revpage missed one thing. TeamPromote is an add-on service for APSense. You may access it by your APSense Passport the same as other add-on services.
Jul 27th 2011 23:58   
Helen Smith Committed   Consultant
The High command has spoken(lol) Thank you Wincer for allowing your members positive suggestions in the community! This is the best community on the net!
Jul 28th 2011 00:03   
Rosyel S. Professional   Financial Advisor, Blogger
Awesome! I can't wait to know more about it!
Jul 28th 2011 02:37   
Cemal Yılmaz Junior
Jul 28th 2011 03:02   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
This really sounds interesting - so I am curious about it. This could bring our advertising to higher level.
Jul 28th 2011 04:19   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
It's a pity that I am unable to see the vid :( - probs with uploading it....
Jul 28th 2011 04:23   
Anna Novakova Professional   Independent Marketing Partner
It is a very interesting program. I can not wait
Jul 28th 2011 04:24   
Hoang Vo dai Freshman  view the pictures pretty sexy
I do not understand it all, We hope to please help me
Jul 28th 2011 04:44   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
Hmmm... its very vague, and I dont understand it either, but I'm sure it will be awesome. Looking forward to its launch.
Jul 28th 2011 05:17   
Gopakumar Rajan Magnate II   YouTuber from India
It's really a great effort from the part of AP Sense. I'm sure it'll rock! Thank you for sharing this info and all the best wishes.
Jul 28th 2011 06:15   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
It will be clear what it's about in the next few days, when we have a website than can be shown for good. As for the video, the final version will be done today, but it won't give more information.
Jul 28th 2011 06:35   
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