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Joined APSense since, October 25th, 2010, From Manila, Philippines.
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About Rosyel

It's me, Raincrystal! You can call me Rain for short, but of course that's my online name. I've been using it for quite some time now so I have friends calling me by that name already. I love to read and write and share my thoughts and views with everyone. For more of this, you can visit my blog.Follow the link in my signature.

I'm not so new to online marketing, but I'm quite serious about learning new stuff and making it. I've always dreamed of working from home so that I could spend more time with family. I'm eager to know more about the business, meet new people, make new friends, and be successful.| | (About Me) | (My Google+)

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  • APSense
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  • PinOpps
  • beproactivenow
  • Marketers Co-Op
  • Internet Users Handbook
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Recommendations for Rosyel

Richard Cooper Advanced
Rosyel is an amazing business person. She excels above all other online marketers and has tools that are helpful to everyone. She also goes above and beyond to help you and provides 1 on 1 coach if needed. Rosyel is great to do business with. Richard C.

Recommendation on Experiences: Admin / Owner, Winning Solos
Randy Mason Advanced
One of the best friends and co net worker online today

Recommendation on Experiences: Affiliate, APSense Business Social Network
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional  
Hello Rain! Nice to see You here with us at APsense. Don't delay Her experience. She are new, but learn fast and work hard. Very active person who serve great opportunities. I give everyone my recommend...Her work is worth Your priceless time.
Barbara DelGiudice Committed  
Hi Anne I really admire your YouTube video about your Rain Cyrstal Site. It is very clever and done well. I added you to my favorites and clicked "Like" This give me some good ideas to make a marketing video for me. I do have some bird (my pet cockatiels) videos up if you are interested. I love them so much. Barb :)
John Harding Freshman  
Rosyel is a good friend of mine and someone who is building a successful online business the right way. Find out more about Rosyel by joining her list or visiting some of her blogs. A lot of the information she gives is very useful and we can all learn something.

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