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Among the different opal types, the Fire Opal is considered to be the most valuable. It is known to have a high value, especially for its unique color. The fire opal gemstone price per Carat is produced in several countries including Australia and Ethiopia and is found in seven states of Mexico. The value of the gemstone depends on its color, clarity and transparency. The highest-value gems have a color that is very intense, with brown or black undertones. It is also inclusion-free, so the stone appears transparent. Normally, the price of a faceted fire opal is up to 2000k per carat. 

Aside from its color, opal has another important property, which is opalescence. During the opalescence process, light reflects off the opal, giving it a beautiful pastel color. The opal is then cut in various ways. There are traditional cutting methods, as well as more modern ones. The best way to buy a real opal is from a store near an opal deposit.

When buying a Fire Opal Online, you should look for a stone that is clear and relatively clean. A gemstone with flaws or cracks is weak and may break in a short amount of time. The stone should be relatively even in tone.

Unlike other opal types, the Fire Opal has a different crystalline structure. It is made up of millions of tiny spheres of varying sizes. It is still amorphous silicon dioxide, but its body color is more vivid and dazzling. It has a variety of base colors, ranging from translucent yellow to scarlet orange. It can also have flashes of green.

Its value is increased by its ability to enhance self-confidence. It has a calming effect on emotional turmoil. It is also a good stone to help with recharging the body's energy. It is said to promote calcium absorption and to aid in healing bone, teeth, and nail issues. It is also believed to cure colds and flu, and to heal ulcers and kidney disorders. It can promote healthy sexuality and may help pregnant women have a smoother childbirth experience.

The Fire Opal is a valuable gemstone that is valued for its color and transparency. The highest-value gemstones have an intense color with a red-orange background. It is rare for a Fire Opal to have a purely red-orange hue. This is because most of the water in the opal evaporates, leaving hydrated silica spheres.

The Fire Opal is a natural gemstone that is mined in Australia, Ethiopia, and Mexico. It is a transparent to translucent gemstone. It can be used as a pendant or ring. It is also used to enhance memory, promote new blood cells, and calm emotional turmoil. It is also believed to stimulate the adrenal glands and to help with fertility concerns.

Certified Gemstone is also believed to improve memory, concentration, and accuracy during meditation. It is also used to promote healthy sexuality, and it can assist with bone, tooth, and nail problems. It has been used as a therapy for trauma victims, and it can calm the memory of abuse.

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