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Whether you're looking for a special gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, there's no doubt that white fire opals have a place in your jewelry collection. They're considered a special gem in Vedic astrology, and they can also help you navigate through stressful times. You can also use white fire opal as a spiritual camouflage, absorbing negative energies and strengthening your nurturing skills. They are also said to strengthen your Venus (Shukra) in your astrological chart. Know the Certified Australian Fire Opal Price in India. White opal has long been associated with love, purity and nurturing. However, recent exploration in the Welo province of Ethiopia has brought more color and variety to opal jewelry fans. In addition, white opals are the October birthstones, meaning they're great for people born under that zodiac sign. They're also a great stone for people who have a strong connection to the planet Libra. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius or Pisces may also find special resonance with white fire opals.

There are several varieties of double-fire opal gemstones, and the color is a major factor in determining a stone's value. Most common fire opals display a single color, but the more intense and colorful the fire pattern, the higher the price of the stone. In general, the best colors are red and green. The next most desirable color is orange. However, these colors can vary depending on the fashion and preferences of individual collectors.

Although white fire opals are rare, they can be found in other places around the world. Mexico is a major source for these gemstones. They are also mined in Canada, Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovakia, and the United States. The main source for Mexican fire opal is the Queretaro Province of Mexico. It's also been known to be mined in the states of Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Oregon. However, because of the fragility of these gemstones, care must be taken when handling them. It can crack or dry out from exposure to heat and direct sunlight.

Because of their elongated shapes and unique coloring, Mexican fire opals are sometimes confused with glass. However, they're actually composed of amorphous hydrous silicon dioxide. They can be very clear, opaque, or cloudy, and they can even occasionally display iridescence in bright light. The color can vary from cherry red to orange. They can also display refractions of other colors, and they're usually extremely hard. Mexican fire opals are not found in every region of the country, so it's important to check your local listings to find the best quality stones.

Depending on the type of stone, you can expect it to have different levels of transparency. For example, crystal opals are semi-transparent and can show excellent play-of-color. However, the value of opals with opaque stones is decreased due to eye-visible blemishes and inclusions. In addition, the milky background of these gemstones also detracts from the value of the stone.

Ratanrashi is the best option for Buy Online gemstones. fire opals can be found in several states, including Texas, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. However, most of the best quality opals are mined in the Queretaro Province of Mexico.

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