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When buying fire opal, you'll need to consider its size and price. While Mexican fire opal stone are considered to be the national stone, they can be purchased for as little as ten dollars.

Black opals can cost 

Opals are a type of gemstone that is formed from groundwater that has hardened over time. They have a variety of colors due to the large spheres of silica that diffract light. These spheres make each gemstone unique and different from others.

Large opals with rare colors often fetch the highest prices. Some are even priceless, like the Black Prince, an oval-shaped black opal unearthed in 1915.

Common white opals can be purchased for $10-150 per carat

Australian opals can be extremely expensive, with some opals costing up to $1000 per carat. Fire Opals, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They are typically faceted, cut, and polished to create an attractive ring or pendant. While opals are a rare gemstone, proper care and maintenance can ensure that they remain beautiful for many years to come and may become family heirlooms. Because of their softness, opals must be handled with care and set with precision to avoid damage.

The price of a common white Australian fire opal will vary widely, depending on its size. 

Mexican fire opals are considered to be the country's national stone

The vibrant orange and red hue of Mexican fire opal is its most prized feature. The gem is also valuable in shades of yellow, brown, and cream. A beautiful piece with good clarity will command a high price. Whether you are searching for a stunning piece for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, the color play of a Mexican fire opal is sure to impress.

Fire opal is mined only in Mexico and South America. Mexico is home to some of the best mines of fire opal, including the famous Queretaro mines. These mines have been active for over a century. They mine small pebbles of this stone in flowing lava rich in silica.

Size of a fire opal stone

An Australian fire opal is a rare stone with beautiful color variations. It has an incredible cultural significance in many cultures and is known to have spiritual powers. The gemstone's fire is said to promote independent thinking, stronger intuition and passion in relationships. The size of an Australian fire opal stone can vary.

Certified Fire opals are comprised of tiny hydrated silica spheres, which give them their reddish color. They do not have any crystalline structure, and therefore do not have the same physical properties as other gemstones. As a result, the different sized silica spheres produce a different color spectrum when reflected. The smaller spheres have a blue color spectrum, while the larger spheres reflect red-orange light.

Flaws in a fire opal stone

Fire opals are one of the most beautiful gemstones, but their beauty can also be compromised by flaws. These inclusions can make the stone unattractive and even worse, they can even threaten its integrity. To avoid these problems, look for stones with even tone and clean, unblemished surfaces. Many high-grade fire opals are faceted to maximize their play of colour.

There are many benefits of Fire Opal, including its ability to enhance passion, creativity, and sexual energy. It can also be used to stimulate the adrenal glands and heal the kidneys. It can also strengthen intuition and help you cope with erratic mood swings. It is beneficial for the body, especially the skin, hair, and bones, and can even ease the birthing process.

Value of a fire opal stone

The value of an Australian fire opal stone can vary considerably, depending on many factors. The clarity of the stone, its color, and its overall carat size will all contribute to the final price. In addition, the cut and polishing of the stone will have an impact on the value of the stone.

The value of an original gemstone, but the price will depend on several factors. Size, color, and appearance are all important factors. However, the price of the opal can also be affected by market forces. For example, the current state of the economy in the country where the stone is mined can affect the price. Furthermore, mines have variable production rates, which can affect the value of the stone.

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