How to Determine an Australian Opal Fire stone Price

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Whether you are looking for a new jewelry piece, or are looking to enhance your personal beauty, a fire opal from Australia is a great choice. This type of stone is often used for healing, enhancing your hair and nails, and attracting abundance. Opal Fire Stone can also be used to improve your memory and psychic intuition.

The value of an opal fire depends on several factors, including the type of opal, its clarity and color, and its size.  It is not always easy to predict the value of opal because every stone is unique. However, there are a few general factors that can be used to determine the price.

The first factor is the color factor. Generally, opals with darker backgrounds are more valuable. This is because it adds contrast to the play of color phenomenon. There are also opals that are opaque or semitransparent, but that are also considered to be of high quality. For example, black crystal opals are a semitransparent or opaque stone with dark body color.

The second factor is clarity. Opals with good clarity can be worth a lot of money. Opals that are not clear or are cracked are less valuable. The best opals are free of treatment.

The third factor is transparency. Opals that are opaque or have a light body color are considered to be less valuable. The most important factor is the play of color. Opals with dark background colors have a more vibrant color, while those with light backgrounds have a more muted color. Opals with more intense hues are worth more money.

The fourth factor is body tone. The body tone of an opal is the underlying color of the opal. Opals with light body colors may be yellow or green. Opals with dark body colors have a more vibrant color. This is one of the most important factors in determining the value of an opal. Opals with dark background colors are more valuable than light stones. Opals with less fire are less valuable.

The fifth factor is the play of color. Opals have a range of play of color, including mosaic opal, which has a series of broad patches with the angular play of color. Other types of play of color include peacock opal, flash opal, and ribbon opal. The best opals have a black background color and a play of color. These stones are also called cat's eye opals.

The sixth factor is clarity. Certified fire Opals that have a clear, high-quality cut are worth a lot of money. Opals with cracks are considered to be weak and will break in a short period of time. Opals that are treated or artificially blackened are also considered to be less valuable. This is because they do not exhibit the color and iridescence that a natural opal does.

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