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For some people, it might sound like another web extension. But content writers, bloggers, and social media marketers might be knowing the role of these extensions. With the advancing world of the Internet, hundreds of thousands of people are working online and finding it pretty helpful to have a writing extension enabled on their systems. These extensions are helping people in literally, many ways. Below we have mentioned some of the best writing extensions on Chrome. These extensions will not only assist you in increasing your productivity but also, they will help you in pushing you further if you are resisting due to procrastination. In other words, these extensions will help you in your work in almost every possible way.

  • Grammarly Spell Checker

“To err is human,” we all are very well aware of this phrase. No matter how much expertise you are in your work, you might make a mistake in some instances. And if you are a content writer, blogger, or social media marketer, it is your responsibility to check your work thoroughly before posting it on the web. There might be some faults remaining in your work like some grammatical mistakes, even if you have checked it properly and several times. So, it is better recommended that you should cross-check your work with a spell checker before posting it on your website or blog. If you post content that has any grammatical mistakes, it may leave negative impacts on the viewers about your website or blog.

Cross-checking your work before you post may be tough at times, especially if you are having a lot of work to be done and that too in a short interval of time. In this case, you may use Grammarly, which is the best to date spell checker available online. It will not only check for your grammatical mistakes but also suggest phrases that may be much more suited than the ones you have used. It can help you in correcting over 250 different types of writing mistakes. These mistakes can be as small as negligible or maybe blunders. It will also suggest alternate words for the ones which are repeatedly appearing in the content. You can easily add Grammarly to Chrome directly from their website.

  • Wunderlist

If you have a proper to-do-list set up for your day, you can easily complete your day-to-day tasks. This extension provides you efficiency and also ease of access.  Making a to-do-list lets you complete all your important tasks in a scheduled time interval. If you have Wunderlist added in your Chrome browser, there will hardly be any chances for you to forget to do any particular work. With the help of this extension, you can make a complete to-do-list, and the Wunderlist will help you follow it accordingly. Once you have added Wunderlist to the Chrome browser, you can sync it with other devices. It will let you have access to the work that needs to be done from anywhere around the world.

  • Stay Focusd

If you are suffering from procrastination, you should immediately add this extension to your Chrome browser. As the name itself suggests, it will help you in keeping you on the track throughout the work which you are doing, without letting you get disturbed or distracted. Once you have added this extension to your Chrome browser, it will keep track of the time you spend on a particular website or a page. You may set a time limit on this extension for the specific site or page you are visiting. Once you have set the time limit of surfing, the Stay Focusd will immediately block the website once the time limit is over, and the site will remain blocked for that complete day. With the help of this extension, you can set a time limit for online games too. By doing this, the extension will keep track of your activities and restrict you from spending more time on them if you have already used the set time. It will ensure and let you manage your time efficiently without making you use your time completely on a single task.

  • Evernote

It is a pretty impressive extension like by almost all the content and blog writers. It is pretty helpful if you are reading some articles on the web and find them useful and want to have them on your PC or Laptop so that you can have better access to them whenever required. With the help of Evernote, you can store that piece of information or a complete page. It can be done by simply highlighting that particular part of the page or entire page.

  • One Tab

Keeping a large number of tabs open on your PC or Laptop often slows down your system. For this purpose, One Tab is the most recommended Chrome extension as it saves up to 95% memory and enhances the speed and performance of your system. Whenever you are working with many tabs open on your system, simply click on One Tab icon, and all the tabs will get converted into a single tab. You can access almost every tab you have opened by a single click. On clicking again, it will show you the list of tabs you were working upon, and from there, you can open the tabs individually as well as collectively.

  • URL Shortener

Instead of sending a long unimpressive URL to the client or colleague, why not use a short URL which will look impressive and handy and can be remembered easily? Although there are a vast number of websites, particularly for this purpose, having Chrome extensions is much faster, and you can shorten your lengthy URLs with just a click.

  • Check Links

Imagine if you have written a blog or created content, listing several links for references or examples. Once you upload the content on the web, the user will go through your content and probably refer to the links mentioned in your article for better understanding. But what if in case some of the links are not working? It will have a negative impact on your work. So, if you have a shortage of time or by some means you are not able to check if all the links are working properly or not, you may use the Chrome extension “Check My Links.” You can place your article here on that page of the extension, and it will check all the links mentioned in the article. It will automatically check if all the links are working or not. If any link is broken, it will highlight it with red color, and the rest of the links which are working will be highlighted with green color. Ensuring that all the links are working properly, before posting the article, will not only help you in saving yourself from user complaints, it will also build up your reputation.

  • Ad Block

Watching a video to gather information for an important task, and are continuously getting disturbed by interruptions in between because of the ads? Don’t worry; Ad Block is always there for your help. This extension lets you watch YouTube videos without any Ad interruptions in between. Ad Block also protects PCs and Laptops from all the external sources that are trying to track your sensitive data to steal it.

  • PicMonkey

With the help of this extension, you can edit and enhance your photos with ease. It is an online photo editor whose extension can be added to Chrome and can be used whenever required. You can select an image from any of the websites and edit them directly on PicMonkey. Even if you are not a photo editing expert, PicMonkey will help you edit pictures very well and with ease.

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