Maintenance and Safety Tips Related To Treated Timber

by Vinsky Sarah Marketing Manager
Treated timber has gained immense popularity and in the current scenario, it is as much in demand as the natural timber. The reason is that it gives a really nice appearance to the area and most importantly, the maintenance related hassles are next to zero. Still, experts say that whatever maintenance is required should be given without any fail and as per the recommendations made by the installation team. In this post, we take a look at what can be done to retain the glow and glamour of treated timber.

  • In most cases, you will see that these things like connectors are totally corrosion resistance due to elements of copper mixed in them.
  • The main reason is that the copper layer is laid on them once they all have been made using hot, galvanised steel.
  • Because of this very reason, you can be assured about the durability and stable performance of these elements.
  • But in situations, where there are going to be in immensely moisture-laden areas, the installation team uses these connectors made from stainless steel both for treated timber and general timber flooring.
  • Experts recommend that you should never put treated timber in contact with the uncoated zinc-aluminium as the presence of copper ions actually facilitates corrosion.

  • In terms of painting and staining or treated timber as well as Blackbutt decking, the first surprise is that no painting is required.
  • The reason is the presence of protective preservatives in the wood that is often sufficient for protecting it against decaying or harms caused by the nature such as insect attack, moisture, etc.
  • However, still it will start facing the impacts and effects of general weathering would become quite visible.
  • These effects are splitting; warping, fading and surface discoloration and some solutions would be required to curb them down.
  • This becomes even more important, if the treated timber is used in a patio or pergola as there, these occurrences will seriously degrade the appearance within a few years.
  • Therefore, it recommended by the suppliers of structural hardwood beams, timber flooring etc. that treated timber that is exposed to nature should be stained or painted.
  • There are a wide range of surface coatings available from clear water repellent sealants, which require regular re-application, clear or semi-transparent timber stains.
  • You can even use the very trusted full-bodied, opaque acrylic paints that will last for over ten years.
  • The bottom line here is that the treated timber can be painted or stained like normal untreated timber providing that it is dry and clean.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS to be taken while working on treated timber.
  • Do wear gloves to help avoid splinters
  • You should wash hands and face to be them free from sawdust before meals or smoking
  • Food and drink should not be left exposed to wood dust
  • When power sawing and machining, wear goggles to protect eyes from flying particles
  • Operations should be performed outdoors to avoid indoor accumulations of sawdust
  • Cuts and abrasions should be protected from sawdust
  • Operations should be performed in well-ventilated areas
  • Always use dust protection equipments like a dust mask and goggles

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