Types Of Pallet Racking Systems And Their Features

by Vinsky Sarah Marketing Manager

Businesses that have their own warehouses rely too much on pallet racking systems as a matter of fact that these solutions are known maximising the space on the drastic basis. Because of the fact they are super-useful, people rely too much on them and this fact has made the manufacturers make them in different forms and varieties. Yes, modern day pallet racking systems are present in different forms and all of them are used in different situations and for different purposes altogether.

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Therefore, for a warehouse manager, it is very important that before investing in these solutions, they learn everything about them to make sure that they have invested in the right areas. In this post, we will be discussing the top kinds available in the markets.

Cantilever Racking

  •     One of the best and the most prominently used version is given this name of cantilever pallet racking system and this one is mostly used for storing products that are longer in size.
  •      This could include a number of things including lengths of timber, plastic piping and steel rods.
  •         This version is basically made upon long arms protruding from a metal framework and this is specifically designed to store long and lengthy items.
  •        The point that differentiates this version from several others is that you will not find any front columns in this version.
  •        The benefit of this version is that the store space increases significantly and also, people working around this version gets an easy access to all the products and inventory stored inside.

Selective Racking

  •       The next version that we discuss here is given the name of selective pallet racking system and according to pallet racking manufacturers, this version is as popular as the one discussed above.
  •     The biggest feature is that it allows pallets to be accessed from the structure’s aisle.
  •      There are load beams that are designed to provide the much needed support to the structure.
  •     This version gives direct access to each of the pallets stored in the structure and another feature is that you can get them configured based upon your needs.
  •        Other than this, one more feature is that it is one of the simplest solutions in terms of installation and dismantling.

Push Back Racking

  •    According to reputed pallet racking manufacturers, this version is basically fabricated in structure or rolled form and works in LIFO or Last in First Out method.
  •       Because of this, you will find this version ideal for working with high-density multiple product storage.
  •    Other than this, one more feature is that it can also increase the accessibility of the products and allow for a specific selection of inventory items stored inside.

Some other types of warehouse pallets racking systems available in the markets are –

Drive-In Racking

·         Designed to maximize the use of floor space within a warehouse and has a Last-In/First-Out rotation.

Pallet Flow Racking

·         Commonly referred to as gravity flow racks, are typically ideal for high density storage with multiple order picking levels.

Carton Flow Racking

  •      Offers great storage for inventories operating by First-In/First-Out (FIFO) management. 

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