Treatment Options Available For Treated Timber And Pine

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In the past one decade, treated timber has emerged as a really tough competitor and challenging all other types present in the markets. This version is immensely durable and the fact that it is treated, makes it way better than others. The versatility or popularity can be determined by the fact that it is very quickly replacing other types in different projects and sites. Other than being durable, one more feature is that it is very long-lasting and can run for an entire lifetime in the presence of proper and timely maintenance, look after, etc. Yes, this is a fact that despite being treated in advance, it will require proper care and look after just like any other type of timber. Here in this post, we will have a look at some lookafter and maintenance related options available and first, we will get some more details on what this treated timber is.

What is Pressure Treated Wood or Treated Timber?

  • According to treated pine suppliers, while looking for wood related solutions, you will come across two options, i.e. treated timber and non-treated timber.
  • Both have significant differences between both of them and the created timber is the one that is passed through several processes that make it more durable and potent, long-lasting, etc.
  • In this process of treating, the wood is first kept in the preservatives for a fixed amount of time and then, it is kept in vacuum to let dry on its own, so that the chemicals and preservative solutions are retained by the wood and the moisture dries away.
  • With this process, the treated pine suppliers look to achieve two goals and one is making the treated pine as well as timber, more resistant to dampness, humid conditions and moisture. The second goal to achieve here is the chemicals present in the wood will make is more resistant against different kinds of pests and insects that are fond of eating wood.
  • As far as the maintenance is concerned, people have different questions in mind and one is that when it is already treated, why further treatments and maintenance is necessary. The answer is really simple that with these treatments are offered to the wood to make it further robust, long-lasting, durable and resilient against pests.

Here's a breakdown of the three choices and all you need to know about them:


  • When sealer is applied on the treated timber, it becomes further robust and an assurance is given that it will not be bothered by any kind of pest.
  • According to treated pine suppliers, a layer or two of sealer on the treated timber will offer it the highest level of protection against all kinds of adversities like harsh weather, pest attack and so on.
  • Look out for sealers with UV protection, since these will help protect your furniture against the sun.


  • Application of stain will give an added protection to the treated timber and a nice, attractive colour at the same time and this stain is of two types in the markets. 
  • Experts recommend getting UV protection based stain that will make treated timber immune from the damaged caused by ultraviolet rays.


  • The last option is of the paint and in this regards, experts say that paint has to be applied only safe sealer application.
  • Experts recommend using a good oil based primer first, and then a couple of coats of latex topcoat and a paint or stain that says it is moisture vapour permeable or micro porous.

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