How is Tyre Maintenance Related to Road Safety?

by M8 TYRES Automotive servicing

Road safety is a prime concern for every driver because no one wishes to face accidents on the roads. But unfortunately, accidents happen due to some common mistakes made by the drivers.

Apart from the driving mistakes, we should also consider the mistake we make in the proper maintenance of a vehicle. Here we would like to talk about a vital component of your car that makes direct contact with your vehicle. Surely, we are talking about Tyres Chorlton because a lot of accidents take place due to poor maintenance of tyres.

Tyres are installed in cars to make them move with optimum friction and grip. Obviously, damaged tyres do not provide perfect friction and grip on the roads and increase the chances of unfortunate incidents. You can keep your tyres in good condition to have a safe drive. Moreover, high-class tyre maintenance increases the lifespan of your tyres as well.

Tyre safety for road safety

So, the golden rule is that if you keep your tyres safe, you are a wise driver to ensure optimal road safety on smooth highways or unconstructed roads. You can do so easily by considering the following safety guidelines.

Replacing your tyres:

Safety guidelines include the rules for the replacement of your tyres. While you buy new tyres, you have to follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturers. You can find these specifications in your user’s manual. The instructions you see in the manual are generally related to the size of your tyres, speed index, load rating etc.

You should install similar tyres on each axle in terms of brand, size, tread patterns and other features.

Checking the air pressure:

As far as proper maintenance of your tyres is considered, you cannot ignore the importance of proper air pressure in your tyres.Your tyre makers expect that you should maintain the specified level of air pressure in your tyres.If you do not do so and air pressure goes above or below the pre-defined level, you have to experience serious impacts like blowouts, punctures and tyre tread wear.

Over-inflation in the tyres may lead to a decreased contact area and as a result, the driver is supposed to feel uncomfortable while trying to control his vehicle. Excess air in the tyres will also result in violent tyre bursts. Deflated tyres need more air to reach the optimum level of performance. An increased contact area between the tyres and road will make the tyres heated due to frictional force. Moreover, the tyre will soon face uneven tread wear due to under-inflation.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing:

Unfavourable road conditions disturb the wheel alignment and balancing that is generally set by the car manufacturers. Therefore, to ensure the optimum level of road and tyre safety, you have to check the wheel alignment and balancing as well.

Load ratings:

Every vehicle is made to carry weight to a certain limit and going beyond this limit will damage your vehicle along with tyres. Therefore, refer to the load rating set by the manufacturers and remain under the recommended level.

Speed index:

Just like load ratings, carmakers set a speed limit for your vehicle. It is ok that you love to drive at high speeds but indeed crossing the speed limit will be highly risky for your tyres.

Visual inspection:

You should regularly inspect your tyres for visual signs of damage. These damage signs include bulges, blisters, and cuts. Moreover, slow punctures on the body of your tyres are also a considerable problem. Conclusively, if you wish to drive your car safely on busy roads, you must maintain your Tyres Eccles appropriately and whenever you feel, the life of your tyres is about to end, replace them.

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