Learn The History Of Storing Water In Plastic Water Storage Tanks

by Priti Das Marketing Executive
Water is the one essential in our life which we will never stop using. We can probably find an alternative for everything that we use in our daily life, but not air and water.  This is why storing water for our convenience has been a thing for a very long time. The art of storing water for usage is not something that has been developed in a year or two. The fact that we store water now in a plastic water storage tank has taken a lot of time to evolve and develop. Even in the future, it will most likely develop more and more. But here, we will tell you the history of water storage

Plastic Water Storage Tanks

You might be well aware that a plastic water storage tank is a container to collect and store water for using it in daily life for drinking, bathing, washing, etc. But these need to store water has been present since early civilization. In a lot of archaeological sites, it has been found out that water used to be stored in man-made containers like step well and cistern.  This evidence of water storage bodies can be found out since the Indus valley civilization from 3000 to 1500 BC. 

Among these water bodies, some were found out to be naturally occurring structures which were used by the people living in the ancient civilization. Later it was discovered that with the help of these structures, they adopted the same idea and designed it themselves. Some even were found to make from their own ideas. These mostly used to be made of granules, wood and stone. But one of the biggest problem with these containers used to be the quality of water as it used to get easily contaminated with algae, dirt, animal waste, etc. 

In the later years, as civilization progressed, these designs spread out throughout the world and many castles and monasteries started to adopt the same. Medieval civilization modified and created cisterns. Unlike the step walls and open water tanks cistern used to be underground. This decreased the level of contamination.  

Eventually, people started to make water tanks using various kinds of materials and of various sizes. Concrete, steel, plastics are some of the materials that came very later in modern society. Nowadays, the use of plastic water storage tanks is the most common. By the time these various types of modern-day tanks were made, the concern of contamination got removed totally.

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