What are the benefits of wearing hessonite gemstone with emerald gemstone?

by Hessonite Gemstone Pure Hessonite or Garnet

In today’s world where the use of communication and information technology has become so common, it has become necessary for many people to wear the Hessonite ring and/or the emerald ring to improve their fortunes. When worn in the right way, these stones can prove to be incredibly beneficial for a person and allow a person to cultivate their intelligence while also have great material wealth. A fine combination of these can help in boosting intellectual abilities that allow a person to think deeply, have a great memory, analyze and organize facts mentally and also act quickly so as to make the most of any opportunity that may have come up. Such skills can certainly help to achieve success and help a person to be agile in all facets of life.

Energetic influences of Mercury and Rahu 

Mercury is the ruling planet for emerald and it governs communication in all its forms. This means that whether it is about verbal communication between two individuals or written communication through online media or the printed word, it is Mercury that rules every aspect of such activities. The hessonite gemstone is considered to be exalted in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. This clearly shows that the Rahu which is the ruling planet for hessonite has a close association with the energies of Mercury and emerald. Rahu is associated with progressive ideas, futuristic innovations, computer technology and all inventions that can bring progress to humanity. Rahu is also associated with far out concepts like space research and our obsessions with everything that brings us pleasure. Therefore it is hardly surprising that Rahu is closely linked with the energies of Mercury. Rahu allows us to enjoy the pleasures of the senses and enables us to work towards goals that can help us to achieve such satisfactions. Buying a natural hessonite gemstone online and then wearing it can only help towards cultivating such skills.

Areas ruled by Mercury and Rahu 

Just like Mercury offers us the ability to communicate with others, it also provides us with the skills of interacting in a quick manner. You can also cultivate your intelligence, wit, charm and humor. Wearing the emerald stone can help you to be a professional writer, a story teller or excel in other fields such as media, law, education, journalism, or in any other area that requires communication in some form. Similarly the field of Information Technology is governed by both Mercury and Rahu, which govern its various aspects. Rahu and hessonite can work well for a person when he is trying to break grounds in some innovative area of research and development. It is a good thing when the combination of such energies takes place in the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. Rahu also rules travels in foreign lands, businesses related to traveling and tourism, hotel industry, as well as importing and exporting of goods. Rahu can also offer knowledge on the occult or allow a person to enhance skills of deep research.    

Combining Hessonite and emerald

The two stones can be combined in cases where there is a strong combination of these two energies. This can happen in the following cases.

·         Rahu and Mercury combination taking place in key houses

·         Mercury Mahadasha with Rahu Antardasha

·         Rahu Mahadasha with Mercury Antardasha

·         Any key combinations that affect the career of the native

If you have any such connections in your natal chart, you should consult an astrologer to get the best recommendations. An astrologer can guide you when you are looking to buy hessonite online and wear it with emerald. By visiting a website that offers Gomed stone online, you can learn about the precious hessonite price and choose one that suits your budget and other requirements.


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