Important Facts Related To Hessonite Stone or Gomed Stone

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Hessonite gemstone is an important gemstone of Vedic astrology which boosts the enthusiasm amongst all gemstone lovers due to its unusual coloration and incredible features. The stone of Rahu is said to be associated with the garnet series of relatives and looks attractive much like cow’s urine or honey. In other words, we can say the color of the stone looks like honey and cow urine.

Hence, the Hessonite stone is quite popular for its Hindi name Gomed stone. The stone comes in a variety of colors that includes oranges, deep brown, etc. This amazing stone is widely used by human beings around the world for distinctive purposes. People love to adopt this coercive Gemstone in different shapes of rings and gadgets. 

However, people wear this stone due to its aesthetic significance in astrology; it is supposed that the stone is associated with the most powerful and spiteful planet Rahu. The Hessonite stone is an immensely valuable gemstone to identify more about this mystical stone. Please go through the five important facts about Hessonite or Gomed stone which are mentioned below.

Gemstone of Shadow Planet Rahu:

The Hessonite stone has been recognized as the gem which relates with the intense planet Rahu that's, in addition, recognized as being a shadow planet. Now through ‘shadow planet’ Rahu, we indicate the coercive planet Rahu takes no longer has a real presence. According to the fact that, bearing excellent astrological powers, Rahu has the functionality to conceive a great effect on the endurance of all living beings. Consequently, via unique features of its vital power, the Rahu planet is being endorsed or authorized. 

Due to its excellent appearance, the hessonite stone is recognized with the call of Gomed in Hindi. The stone is named Gomed for its identical features to cow’s urine, which gives a dazzling appearance to this gemstone. One of the best reasons for wearing this Hessonite stone is its amazing healing power for the shadow planet Rahu. The stone is commonly worn to get rid of the negative influences of malefic Rahu. If you are experiencing some negative issues then wearing this stone can definitely work for you. 

The Hessonite stone or Gomed stone is authorized to be used by those people who are undergoing miserable Rahu Dasha. Indian astrology prescribes this stone to get relief from Rahu Mahadasha. It is believed that wearing Hessonite or Gomed stone can alleviate the ill or evil influences caused due to the placement of the Rahu planet in the adverse houses of the birth chart of the wearer. The elegant Hessonite gemstone is equivalently important as a blue sapphire or Neelam gem. There is a fact behind this belief which is that the governor of blue sapphire (Saturn Planet) is acknowledged to bring immediate changes in the life of the wearer either positive or negative as per the placement of this abundant planet in the natal chart of a person. Furthermore, Hessonite or Gomed stone is associated with the vindictive planet Rahu that like Saturn delivers instant results either positive or negative, it depends upon the placement of Rahu in the horoscope or birth chart. The powerful Gomed Stone gemstone is beneficial for those people who have spent money in the share market or trading or we can say the stone is highly recommended for those who are working in the share market or the people who love to trade or invest their money. Apart from this, it is recommended to wear the stone in risky professions, like trekking, gambling, and the army. Garnet which is the gem mineral family of garnet stone is considered as the birthstone of January. The Gomed stone or Hessonite is also part of the Garnet mineral family. Consequently, wearing a Gomed stone will be able to bring diverse positive changes in the life of those people who were born in the month of January.

If an individual is enduring the extreme period or sub-period of the shadow planet Rahu then the analysis should be performed whether Hessonite stone is suited or not. It depends on the placement of Rahu in the birth chart. After wearing the stone, if an individual feels the positive changes that means the stone is suited to the wear. If a person feels the negative changes in their lives that means it is not suited to the person who wears the stone. To get the assurity, you should always buy a gemstone from a trusted gemstone store like Navratan - The Online Gem Bazar.

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