Boruto: Hiruga’s Forbidden Jutsu

by Jenny Thomson Writer

The Boruto anime shows us a very different side to the Haze Ninjas, who stole the Hashirama Cell and framed Boruto as Queen Sakuya’s murderer. To the surprise of Team 7, the Ninjas sacrificed themselves one by one. All they wanted to do was sell the weapon for money so that they can help out their impoverished homes. Therefore, it was never about them in the first place; they only cared about lifting others from poverty and depredation.

Moreover, they are not the type to easily give up; they know the wrongs that have been done to their people by the ninja alliance and wish to take back what they believe belongs to them. Team 7 had to struggle to defeat Yūga, but even though they are done with him, they have to face Hiruga now. When they confront him, they see a forbidden jutsu, which is as horrible and disgusting.

Hiruga soon realizes that Yūga has failed, and with Yoruga dying at Sakuya’s home, he doesn’t have many options. He tells Asaka to take the DNA home while he waits for Team 7 to come. When they arrive, they find themselves trapped as Hiruga locks them down and uses the forbidden jutsu known as “Hellish Obliteration.” The jutsu creates a bog filled with tar under Team 7’s feet, which binds them tight. As they sink lower and lower, they try to get out, but all of their attempts are crushed by tentacles arising from the muck. They are hopelessly stuck, and the more they struggle or move close to Hiruga, the quicker they sink to their deaths. It seems that they can’t do anything to stop it, and the only way out is if Hiruga himself stops it or dies.

Boruto can’t fathom that even though he has fought so many battles, he will die so young. Team 7 acted immaturely and is now paying the price for it. Hiruga reveals that he is going to be their gatekeeper to hell. At first, it might seem just like a shallow warning, but he literally means it. He is sinking faster than Boruto and his friends, so he will be the first to die. He even says that this technique was never meant for combat and is only used for stalling.

Hiruga never wanted to be the gatekeeper to hell, but it seems that is what he has to do to buy time for Asaka. This suicidal jutsu might take his life, but at least he can be satisfied that he was able to help his people back home. The move was only meant to get as much time as possible, but Hiruga realizes that Deepa is gunning for Asaka. He abandons his plans and makes haste to save his kin when he is gone. This is when Boruto and others find themselves in a desperate need of a shower.

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Source: Boruto: Hiruga’s Forbidden Jutsu

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