Boruto May Be the Trump Card in Fight Against Isshiki

by Aida Martin Norton Setup

As Isshiki brings war to the Land of Fire, it seems that the Boruto Manga has put him above Naruto and Sasuke. The reason for this may be his alien origins or supreme abilities. However, when he comes looking for Kawaki, Boruto does the right thing by teleporting them to a confidential space-time dimension to ensure that no innocent is hurt and there isn’t any collateral damage. It is now up to the trio of Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke to put an end to him, and as the fight reaches its climax, it appears that they might have found a less violent way of defeating Isshiki. After the fierce battle with Kashin Koji and Jigen, Otsutsuki has taken hold of Jigen’s body and is hoping to get a new form with Kawaki. 

 Regardless of the tricks they have tried, Isshiki has not slowed down as he fights a ferocious war pushing the Konoha ninjas to their limits. They do get lucky when Naruto finds out a horrific secret about Isshiki, but it comes at a hefty price as Sasuke’s life is put in danger because of it. Since Isshiki now takes over Jigen’s body completely using his Karma mark, Naruto and Sasuke fail to take down Isshiki even though they try their best. Sasuke’s Ocular justsu, along with Naruto’s Nine-Tailed fox (Kurama), does little, and in fact, at one point, Sasuke is even belabored after Isshiki gets hold of his sword. 

 Isshiki is about to impale Sasuke when Boruto realizes that he has to step in to protect his mentor since Naruto is down. He expects to catch him as he dives so that he can teleport him in order to take him away from harm’s way. Even though Isshiki is faster than Boruto but when he covers his mentor, Isshiki hesitates to act. Boruto is able to take his father-figure away before he is hurt, but then he comes to the realization that Isshiki can’t kill him. This explains why Isshiki had either avoided or simply can’t hurt Boruto, but this raises many questions about his powers. Since Boruto is the vessel for Momoshiki, people are speculating whether Otsutsuki clan members can’t do any harm to one another’s vessels. But the mystery remains unsolved as these are mere speculations.

 Some theories may make the case that maybe Isshiki doesn’t even want to hurt Boruto as he might be interested in getting the Karma mark. He might try to place himself in Boruto, replacing Momoshiki. Or maybe he wants to try and control Boruto or Momoshiki himself. Irrespective of what he thinks, now Boruto is aware that Isshiki won’t kill him and is hesitant to act when he fights him.

With this knowledge, Boruto now understands that he is the trump card for the trio against the villain. If Sasuke provides him the Susanoo Chakra shield and Naruto gives him the Nine tails, Boruto will be unbeatable. With his mentor and father’s powers, he will become the unkillable ninja that can defeat Isshiki. There is no other way that the trio can defeat the alien who has dominated them easily so far. Boruto may not have experience but in the current situation he is the only one with the ability to stop the villain.

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