14 benefits of a blog for business

by TM Maria Be a king in your own kingdom

Many people mistakenly think that a digital marketing strategy based on maintaining a blog is obsolete, that theory is totally wrong, it will not be the fashionable strategy but it still works and very well.

Next we will detail the benefits of creating and maintaining a blog to move forward a business or entrepreneurship. To know more benefit follow these news blog posts.

  • 1.      Connect with customers - A blog is a practical and efficient way to share useful and relevant information with customers.
  • 2.      Connect with potential partners - It allows you to connect and associate with influential people and leaders that can be fundamental for the construction of your venture.
  • 3.      Generate traffic - A strategically planned blog, with carefully chosen words, will quickly position itself in search results and attract traffic to your endeavor.
  • 4.      Establish authority - A blog becomes the center of a content marketing strategy in which sharing your experience will be recognized as a means of authority in your area.
  • 5.      Generates business - 60% of companies that have a blog capture new clients, according to the important internet consultancy
  • 6.      It connects effectively with social media (Social Media) - By sharing the contents of the blog on the main social networks, you will be able to attract that audience to your enterprise.
  • 7.      Grow your database (email marketing) - People will subscribe to receive exclusive content (offers, promotions, news etc ...) by email.
  • 8.      Give your enterprise a voice - A blog becomes the center of your business on the internet, it is the place where you talk about what you want, how you want.
  • 9.      Humanize the company - If your goal is to make real connections whether it's business or increase your reputation then a blog is what you need.
  • 10.   Exchange ideas - A blog allows you to encourage interaction, comments and suggestions. A conversation is created.
  • 11.   It will be focused on the client, by speaking in terms directed towards your clients you will learn to know the wishes and needs of your audience.
  • 12.   Generate advertising - As already mentioned, business blogs establish authority. In the long run they will request interviews and reports (Advertising for your enterprise).
  • 13.   It will become more strategic - You will acquire the habit of closely examining the analysis of the site and gather all kinds of ideas about what works and what does not work with your target audience. Your marketing strategy will become more strategic every day.
  • 14.   You will make millions - Maybe yes, maybe not. However, business blogs have a purpose. Each message is a long-term asset. Learn how to make a blog, you will notice that your marketing costs will be reduced and your sales will increase.

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