nice page i like it very good to be a pro on blogging
 - simba3 January 16th, 2014

Philippe is a friendly person and he is a proactive member on Apsense community. He always is available to help. Having him as friend is very profitable
 - cenit September 16th, 2013

There are many great people at APSense and just when you thought you couldn't find a more active person, you realize that Philippe seems to always be there, making positive comments and guiding us in the right direction. What a fabulous guy and I'm honored to have been able to interact with him on many occasions and was always satisfied afterwards.
 - plonkie July 17th, 2013

To be honest, Philippe Moisan is the best consultant and mentor in APsense.com. He always help me when I have hard time using APsense
 - masterqif July 10th, 2013

Philippe Moisan to me is a friend and a very professional man on makeing tutorials, where he explains everything you need to know. I highly recommend Philippe!! Way to go Philippe, you rock!!! :) Thank you!!
 - elenivis June 6th, 2013

Real expert on apsense, good marketer and content provider. I'm really glad to have in my connections.
 - valeap May 5th, 2013

I met Phillipe through a mutual friend that I discovered was also apart of Apsense. Phillipe is a very helping person. For someone who had just started to realize the power and potential of Apsense, Phillipe has proven to be a great tutor and mentor, Thanks Phillipe. ('~' )
 - successshazam March 25th, 2013

He knows his stuff. He has never promoted anything that wasn't worthwhile.
 - tgcarter March 5th, 2013

Philippe made the first contact. I find him to be a very knowledgeable person. Looking at his profile, his badges speak for themselves. His recommendations are outstanding. This is a person who knows his stuff. Cheers. Rina
 - rinarish March 4th, 2013

Philipe Moisan is best friend and best teacher on APSense. When first time i meet him on APSense i was thinking that he is an angry man because you check some angry on his face :) but he has beautiful and humble heart like a teacher. He has good knowledge of APSense I recommended you that you must learn from him about Apsense.
 - abbasfarooq February 24th, 2013

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